HOLLYWOOD—If there is one family in the fictional town of Salem that you can count on to bring the drama look no further than the DiMeras on “Days of Our Lives,” to bring it. It feels like Chad and EJ are targeting Stefan who was recently arrested and charged for his role in peddling drugs in the town. That is not all that Stefan has been up to because he was the culprit who pulled the trigger shooting a cop, that cop is Detective Harris, who is well aware of what Stefan did.

Look, do not sit here and ask me to explain why Harris is not blowing the whistle on Stefan. I get the goal was to nail Clyde, but he has escaped and is still up to no good as we will talk more about later. He is the Michael Myers of daytime soaps. EJ was not having a great week, as he had to play mediator to Kristen and Nicole who were fighting because of what exactly?

Yeah, Kristen hasn’t really been a focal point in the narrative as of late, and after all she has done, I think a break is welcome. She is playing house with Alex, who has no idea that Theresa is actually playing him behind closed doors (more on that later). EJ was forced to deliver a public apology announcing all the charges have been dropped against Tate as Holly came forward with the truth. Yes, Holly is facing the music a bit with her lie and that’s mainly Theresa and Brady who are holding the heavy grudge.

Nicole and EJ have moved on, but Kristen is inserting herself where she doesn’t belong because she is once again fighting for power at DiMera Enterprises. Yeah, at the moment the only person fit to run the company is EJ, with Chad running the paper, Stefan facing legal issues, Kristen is an option, but would you want such a woman running a company? I would not. Holly and Tate are still sneaking around despite their parent’s strong conviction to stay clear of one another. You would think Tate would want to run from Holly after what he endured because of her lie, but I guess young love is something that toys with the heart.

Sloan is looking like she is closer to being exposed as Eric has discovered the rent being late on several occasions and there is money unaccounted for. Oh, Eric that money is going to Leo who is working on a big scoop involving EJ. Leo, I don’t think it’s smart to want to expose the DA especially when you have a secret that is more criminal and game-changing than what EJ is holding close to the chest to protect his brother.

Yeah, Stefan, threatening the guy who is trying to keep you out of jail just makes no sense, but EJ’s time as DA might be short-lived as Paulina is realizing his is more of a problem than a solution. Paulina is dealing with treatment for her health issues, just as Chanel has gone MIA at the Horton cabin, where she was having her honeymoon with Johnny. That was crashed by Julie of all people, looking to escape the Kiriakis mansion that is riddled with kids driving her crazy. Always count on Julie to deliver the laughs people.

The Kiriakis mansion is critical right now because plenty is going on of importance. Why? Thomas has stolen that card from Konstantin that controls John. Konstantin is in panic mode because he knows without that card he has NO LEVERAGE in his quest to get his revenge for his daughter’s death. Why Maggie cannot see that Konstantin is up to no good, I will never know. His VISA is about expire and you’re ok with marrying this guy giving him access to millions and so much more. Wake up Maggie, Victor might be turning in his gave, which means we can expect Xander and Sarah to come to her rescue before they say ‘I do.’

Xander is ready to clear his name and is getting closer to the truth that he was setup by Stefan. I don’t think Stefan wants to go toe-to-toe with Xander. Xander has wicked energy when it comes to exacting revenge and that is exactly what Clyde has on Ava. He wants Ava to retrieve some book from The Bistro that has all his contacts as he plans to take his drug trafficking elsewhere, but I don’t buy it. Ava, Ava, if Harris learns your role in Clyde’s escape your love affair is over and we know Harris is leaving Salem soon, but whether it will be in a body bag is not yet known.

Stephanie, open your eyes to Everett aka Bobby Stein who is still lying, keeping secrets and his refusal to sign the divorce papers that Jada has requested says he has something to hide. Why not get divorced from someone you don’t remember if you don’ love them? The writers have stalled this a bit, but I feel like as May Sweeps near we’re going to get a bit more meat in this storyline that I hope delivers a shocker, but you never know to be honest.