PACIFIC PALISADES—An investigation has been launched after hateful and racial symbols as well as words were found in graffiti on the campus of Palisades Charter High School.

A neighbor of the school reported the vandalism around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 13 according to Lt. Cheron Bartee of the Los Angeles School Police Department.

On Monday, March 14, roughly 300 students and community activists gathered to display a peaceful protest and call for an investigation into the graffiti.

Photographs on social media showed students gathered at a common area on the campus, at 15777 Bowdoin Street.

According to Bartee, symbols and phrases that reference the Ku Klux Klan, Jews, African Americans and LGBT people, were found on city property outside the campus, on the school’s signage and on a mural.

According to Brad Daley, Executive Assistant to the principal, surveillance videos from cameras at the school show a person wearing a red beanie and a white mask spray painting the property. School officials are working with authorities as they investigate the crime and attempt to identify the suspect.

Principal Pamela Magee reached out to students and parents advising that there is no imminent threat and that the school does not tolerate vandalism and racial hate.

“PCHS does not tolerate hate speech or related actions and is working closely with law enforcement to identify and apprehend those responsible,” Magee said in an email.

“We haven’t had anything like this in several years,” said Daley. “We don’t know what could be prompting this.”

The demonstration resulted in students missing class for first period at Palisades Charter High School. Students are asking for the administration to act swiftly, and ensure arrests are made for the hate-related acts.