LOS ANGELES— The Dodgers may not be able to allow fans to attend the 2020 season games, but fans can still be present, that is in a cutout form.

With COVID-19 putting a halt to many activities, MLB was not exempt and will have to settle for a 60 game shortened season. Fans may be happy a season is happening after all, however, they cannot attend the games in person. To help with this, the Dodgers announced that beginning Wednesday, July 15, fans can submit a photo of themselves and it will be turned into a cutout to be displayed in a purchased seat all season. The Dodgers held a pre-sale for season ticket holders Tuesday, July 14 before letting the sale go public.

The team is charging either $149 or $299 for the season, depending on location, with proceeds going to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. The $149 cutouts will be displayed on the field and loge levels, with the $299 cutouts in the seats most likely to be seen on television located in the dugout club behind home plate and the new “home run” seats immediately behind the outfield wall.

The Dodgers made it clear fans are not allowed to submit photos that show loyalty toward another team with the following:

“Cutouts cannot be used to cheer on an opposing team.”

This includes fans being denied the ability to virtually heckle or taunt the Houston Astros, with “offensive or negative references to any MLB team” strictly forbidden. The Astros were punished by MLB for having been allegedly involved in a sign stealing scandal the season they won the World Series in 2017.

The cutouts will be made of a weatherproof material, with fans allowed to take theirs home after the season. If the Dodgers are allowed to sell tickets later in the shortened season, the team said they would “reserve the right to relocate or remove fan cutouts,” with no refunds or credits to buyers of the cutouts.

Other MLB teams have also decided to allow for fan cutouts, with all having different prices available; some even free to season ticket holders.