HOLLYWOOD—The drug crisis is exploding in Salem on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Ava and Stefan are forced to peddle Clyde Weston’s drugs while he sits in a jail cell. I still cannot understand to this day, why the writers have NOT killed off this character. He is like the Michael Myers of the soap opera genre. He never truly pays for any of his crimes, even though he has committed heinous crimes. Most recently he murdered Abigail DiMera and I was almost certain Chad or EJ were about to place the final bullet into the guy, but nope. He survives yet again.

This time around he has Ava and Stefan doing his bidding because of threats he issued to their loved ones: Gabi and Tripp. Something now tells me Clyde had some role in Li’s murder as an ace up his sleeve to force Stefan to move drugs for him. Why Ava hasn’t just called on the Vitali family to take out this threat, I will never know. It is not like she doesn’t have the muscle or weight to make Clyde disappear.

Harris is no idiot. That impromptu raid at The Bistro caught Ava and Stefan off guard, so much to the point that the enemies shared a kiss to throw Harris off their scent. What does that mean? Harris needs to open his eyes because it is clear as day and night that Ava and Stefan are up to no good. Harris, we all know will be leaving the soap in the near future and after his run-in with Clyde last week, I think Clyde might be the culprit that takes out Harris and damn that is going to be a brutal blow to Ava.

This coincides with Theresa who relapsed after years of sobriety and was found by Jada, Alex and Brady. Alex was starting to question if his relationship with Theresa is too much for him to handle. Well, it seems it is, especially after he caught that kiss that Brady and Theresa shared. Yeah, I didn’t expect these two to rekindle their toxic romance because let’s be honest, these two bring out the worst in one another.

I wonder how this will unfold as we get closer to the truth being exposed about Alex ACTUALLY being Justin’s son, and Xander being Victor’s long lost son. Theresa will be exposed and Konstantin will finally get the boot after pressuring Steve to tell him the truth about ‘The Pawn.’ Xander and Sarah shared a kiss after moving in together. Oh, this makes me so happy because these two deserve to be together after all the turmoil and drama they have had to endure.

Nicole has taken a comatose Holly overseas to Italy to get treatment after her overdose, as Tate is getting a slight break with a prison transfer, and EJ is starting to question if he made a mistake. Paulina is about to endure a cancer battle that will bring Abe closer to her orbit, as well as Chanel. Speaking of Chanel, she and Johnny are planning a Valentine’s Day wedding after he proposed to her.

The other big news in Salem is that Everett is worried the truth about Jada is about to come to light. He has had several close run-ins with his ex-wife, but they haven’t come face-to-face just yet, and how they haven’t in the small town of Salem, I will never understand. He is afraid Stephanie will learn his little secret, as Jada is speaking badly about her cheating ex, but all the details have yet to be disclosed.

It was indeed a nice treat to see “DAYS” show a bit of love for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with a narrative that didn’t feel forced, but seamlessly folded into the soap. It was smart and wonderful move by the writers. Sloan’s drinking has Marlena concerned and she voiced her concerns to Eric. Sloan, your big secret is going to be exposed, you would save yourself a ton of time if you just spilled it and stopped allowing Leo and others to push you around.