MALIBUA DUI and driver’s license checkpoint was held in Malibu on May 29 from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. The checkpoint was located on Pacific Coast Highway and John Tyler Drive.

A total of 1,352 vehicles passed through the checkpoint that night and 1,077 drivers were checked.

Eight unlicensed drivers were arrested, six drivers with suspended licenses were arrested, one impaired motorist was arrested, and three additional motorists were arrested and booked for warrants. A vehicle was stored for one day and six vehicles were impounded for 30 days. One motorist under 21 was cited for having alcohol in his system.

A press release from the Santa Monica Police Department stated, “DUI/Drivers license checkpoints have been shown to lower DUI deaths and injuries.” The SMPD added that a major reason behind the checkpoints are to deter those who might be tempted to drive drunk or with drugs in their system. The Department’s goal is to bring more awareness and encourage others to use sober designated drivers.