HOLLYWOOD—Week ten of “Dancing With The Stars” has arrived, and we are now in the first half of the finals. The couples performed two dances starting first with with their redemption dance from a prior week performance.

The first couple to kick-off finals week was Ginger and Val. Ginger almost didn’t return back to the show due to having pain in her back and pelvis. Ginger and Val danced contemporary. Len thought the routine was “more fluid” than when the couple performed in week three. Bruno thought the routine showed how Ginger had blossomed throughout competition. Carrie Ann liked the couple’s strategy of doing a medley of best dances. Carrie Ann thought the dance has “resistance, refinery, and power. The couple received a score of 28/30.

For Ginger and Val’s second dance, it was a freestyle in a tribute to dancing legends Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Len told Ginger that “pain is temporary, but glory last a lifetime.” Bruno adored the routine. Carrie Ann told the couple that they gave them what the show was founded on. The couple received a perfect score of 30/30 and to have a combined total score of 58/60 for the night.

Next to dance was Nyle and Peta. Their redemption dance was the Quickstep. Bruno thought the routine had “so much content,” but “lost a bit of precision on footwork.” Carrie Ann thought the routine was a “great dance,” but agreed with Bruno that Nyle was “out of sync.” For their second dance, it was contemporary freestyle. Nyle wanted the routine to tell the story of deaf people. They hired an outside choreographer. Bruno told the Nyle that the routine was “beyond dancing,” it was a “work of art.”

Carrie told the couple in all the 22 seasons of judging the show that Nyle’s routine was the best dance. Carrie Ann also thought that “man can change the world through dance.” Len called Nyle and a “very special person,” and a “very special dance.” The couple received a perfect score of 30/30 and have a total score of 57/60. Backstage Erin told Nyle “thank you for coming to our family.”

Paige and Mark danced next. Their redemption dance was the Salsa. Carrie Ann compared Paige to a “meteor shower raining down.” Len told Mark that his choreography was “fantastic.” He also though that there was “not enough hip action.” Bruno told Paige that she out danced Mark. Paige and Mark had a freestyle dance and it featured a live performer. Carrie Ann told Paige that she has grown throughout the competition. Carrie Ann said that the routine “shown how dance heals.” The couple received a perfect score of 30/30 and received a total score of 59/60.

Check out “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday night for the season finale and see live performances. The winner will be named and receive the mirror ball trophy.