HOLLYWOOD—We are here on week 6 of “Dancing With The Stars.” The theme for this week was “famous dances.” The dances that couples performed were based off of famous songs, and movies. The celebrities were also reunited with their original dancing partner.

The night kicked off with Kim and Sasha. They danced the jive to the movie “Hairspray” and the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Len thought it was a “great jive.” He also thought the routine was a terrific opening to the show. Carrie Ann believes Kim is the “one to watch.” She also thought the routine was “fantastic and had great energy.” Bruno though the routine was fun and it got everyone dancing. The judges awarded them a 24/30.

Von and Witney danced to Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” The backdrop looked similar to the background in the music video. Bruno thought the dance was “badass” and that he did a fantastic job. Carrie Ann told Von that he looked “nervous.” She also believed that he “embodied Michael Jackson.” Len thought the routine was good. He told Von that he didn’t need the wind used in his performance because he gained a fan. The couple received a 24/30.

Jodie and Keo recreated the dance to P!nk and her song “Try.” They danced contemporary. During their practice the original choreographers came in to assist them in helping master the dance. While practicing, Jodie ended up falling and injuring her foot. She was able to continue to practice then dance for the live show. Carrie liked the routine and thought it was a difficult one to watch. Len thought Jodie and Keo’s dancing showcased the “confrontational feel” of the song. Bruno thought the dancing was “physical and emotional” and it was a “wonderful interpretation.” The judges scored the duo a 25/30.

Mark and Paige did a routine from the “Austin Powers” flicks. They danced the jazz to the song “Bossa Nova.” Len enjoyed the routine. Bruno thought the dance was “very 60s” and it delivered accuracy on the details. Carried Ann loved the routine. Mark and Paige earned a score of 28/30.

Nyle and Peta did a routine from the movie “Mask.” They danced the quickstep to a song from the movie. Bruno loved the dancing. He also thought Nyle had a good interpretation of the character. Carrie Ann thought his frame was broken throughout the routine. She also thought it was “short not crisp.” Len thought the performance was terrific but, told Nyle his toes were turned in while he danced. They earned a score of 25/30.

Wanya and Lindsay danced to N’SYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye.” They danced jazz for the night. They also had to use mini green screens for the performance. The routine included background dancers. Bruno thought it was “pop in its brilliant form.” Carrie Ann thought Wanya was on fire and was amazing. Len thought the couple took a great step towards the final. Former N’SYNC members Joey Fatone and Lance Bass were in attendance during Monday’s show.  Joey was honored to have Wanya dance to the song. Lance thought the routine was amazing. They received a score of 29/30.

The couples at risk of going home for the week included Paige and Mark, Doug and Karina, and Von and Witney. Doug and Karina were voted off. Doug received a standing ovation from the audience for his performance during Monday night’s episode.