HOLLYWOOD—It is week eight in “Dancing With The Stars.” This week is the quarterfinals. This week the couples performed twice during the night and also competed in the Judges’ Team-Up Challenge. For the Judges’ Team-Up Challenge, two couples were paired together and coached by one of the three judges.

Throughout the show, couples were announced to being safe or in risk of being eliminated. Tom Bergeron announced that Nyle and Peta were safe from elimination at the start of the show. They were the first couple to start the quarterfinals. They danced the Paso Doble. Their dance included a silent portion so that audience members and viewers at home could experience what it is like to be completely deaf like Nyle while he dances. Len thought Nyle was “strutting too much,” but he “danced with purpose and confidence.” Bruno compared the dance to watching five men dance to a single heart beat by the soul. Carrie Ann thought the dance was “so fierce.” While speaking to Erin on the silent section of the routine, Nyle told her that he wanted to “invite them into my world.” The judges gave them a score of 29/30.

Jodie and Keo, and Antonio and Sharna were announced as being in jeopardy of going home. Antonio and Sharna were up next to dance. They performed the Viennese Waltz. Bruno thought Antonio had “paid attention to detail” in the routine. Carrie Ann thought that there was an “elegant expression of the soul.” Len thought Antonio “never lost the will to win,” and had “good footwork.” The couple received a score of 27/30.

Jodie and Keo were next to dance. They danced the jive. For their dance, they incorporated set design, props, troupe dancers. Carrie Ann thought that the couple’s dance was the best one ever. Len said the dance made him feel happy. Bruno thought the dance was “a heavenly jive,” and an euphoric one. The couple received a perfect score of 30/30.

Paige and Mark were next to dance. They danced the Viennese Waltz. After their performances they received a standing ovation. Len thought the hold in the dance had Paige’s shoulder too far to the left. Len called Paige a “terrific dancer.” Bruno thought the dance was “chilling and thrilling.” Carrie Ann enjoyed the performance. She also thought the dance gave viewers and judges more of her. The couple received a score of 28/30.

Next to dance were Ginger and Val. They had the Argentine Tango. Bruno was totally smitten with the dance. Bruno liked the dynamics of Ginger and Val workmanship. Carrie Ann was mind blown by the performance. She thought the couple was “dancing as one.” Len thought the routine was “one hell of a dance. The couple received a perfect score of 30/30.

The last half of the show was devoted to the Judges’ Team-Up Challenge. The judges picked two couples to be on their team. The judges coached and helped develop the routine. Two judges score the routine along with America voting in and judging. Team Bruno started it off. On Team Bruno was Keo and Jodie, Nyle and Peta. They danced the Argentine Tango. Their routine comprised of dancing with the same sex and switching partners. Len loved the concept. Len liked that Bruno bravely had the couples switch partners.

Carrie Ann thought the dance was really engaging. She was impressed that the couples were in sync throughout the dance and the changes that were going on. Bruno thought the couples “danced as a unit.” The team received a 29/30. Next was Team Len which consisted of Wanya and Lindsay and Ginger and Val. They danced the Samba. They included Len in the routine. Carrie Ann thought the dance was fun. Bruno enjoyed the dance.

The team received a 29/30. The last team to go was Carrie Ann’s consisted of Antonio and Sharna and Paige and Mark. She said she picked those couples because she liked the athleticism of Paige and Antonio. They danced the Paso Doble. Bruno thought the routine had “purpose,” “drive” and was “impactful.” Len thought the dance was “great,” and “imaginable.”

Couples in risk of going home were Antonio and Sharna, Wanya and Lindsay and Jodie and Keo. Antonio and Sharna were safe from going home. It was down to Wanya and Lindsay, and Jodie and Keo. Jodie and Keo were eliminated even thought they scored a perfect score on their dance. Goes to tell you that anyone can leave at anytime.