HOLLYWOOD—Welcome back to “Dancing With The Stars.” We have arrived to week seven and two couples were sent packing before the night wrapped.

The first couple to open the night was Keo and Jodie. They danced the quickstep to a Stevie Wonder classic. Len told the couple that they didn’t hold back during the routine. He said they “lost body contact, but they gave it all they got.” Bruno compared Jodie to a canary by telling her “she found wings like a canary.” Carrie Ann loved Jodie’s aura, but she also thought the couple lost sync. Jodie told Erin that the dance was fun, cute compared to past dances that were intense. The judges awarded them a score of 26/30.

The next to go up and dance was Kim and Sasha. They danced the samba to The Jackson 5. They wore glow-in-the dark outfits. Bruno told Kim she had the spark of The Jackson 5. Carrie Ann thought the couple killed the routine. Len thought the routine was the couple’s best dance. The couple received a score of 27/30.

Nyle and Peta were next to dance. They danced the foxtrot to a song by U2. Carrie Ann loved the routine. Len told Nyle his butt was stuck out during the routine. He also told Nyle that being on the show is tough, but he is moving mountains while others are moving hills. Bruno enjoyed the dance. The judges gave them a score of 28/30.

Sharna and Antonio danced the tango to a song from the Rolling Stones. During the couple’s rehearsal, Antonio commented saying that he was going to go hard because he didn’t want to go home. Len thought the routine had attitude and he did noticed a few mistakes throughout the dance. Bruno told Antonio he needed to “get the footwork right and have precision.” Carrie Ann thought the speed in the dance worked against him. They received a score of 24/30.

Ginger and Val danced the Viennese Waltz to a song by Whitney Houston. Carrie Ann thought the routine was powerful, elegant and it was perfection. Len compared the routine to a “cool breeze on a warm summer’s day.” Bruno thought the routine had “content, and style.” Bruno thought the routine was the best dance from the couple. The couple received a perfect score of 30/30.

Paige and Mark were up next to dance. They danced the jive to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. Their routine incorporated the iconic dance from the song. Following their dance they received a standing ovation. Len thought the routine was “under full control.” Bruno thought the dance was beautiful from a technical perspective. Carrie Ann thought the routine was incredible and that Paige channeled the energy of Tina Turner. The couple also received a perfect score of 30/30.

Besides their individual dances they also had a team dance tonight as well. One team danced to James Brown, while the other danced to Beyoncé.

Team James Brown consisted of Wanya and Lindsay, Nyle and Peta, Sharna and Antonio, and Von and Witney. Nyle had difficulties during the rehearsal keeping up with the other dancers. Wanya had to miss a rehearsal due to a scheduling conflict. The team danced to a medley of James Brown songs such as “So Good,” and “Living in America.” Len saluted the team for working hard. Bruno thought everyone brought their own style but blended together perfectly. Carrie Ann thought they were in sync and displayed teamwork when Nyle was early in a step in the music.

Team Beyoncé consisted of Ginger and Val, Jodie and Keo, Kim and Sasha, and Paige and Mark. They danced to Beyoncé’s “End of Time,” “If I Were a Boy,” and “Crazy in Love.” Bruno thought the team lost sync a couple of times. Carrie Ann liked that the team challenged themselves in the routine with the different steps. She also thought that it helped show the mistakes. Len though the routine was well done.

The couples in risk of being eliminated were Kim and Sasha, Wanya and Lindsay, and Von and Witney. Kim and Sasha, and Von and Witney were sent packing as the episode came to an end.