CALIFORNIA—A 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday, October 15 at 12:42 p.m. along the San Andreas fault line, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The tremor hit four miles south of Hollister, near Tres Pinos in San Benito County and was felt all the way up towards San Jose. Other areas that felt the earthquake included Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, the Monterey-Carmel area, Salinas, King City, and Gilroy. The earthquake lasted less than a minute and was followed by a 2.6 magnitude aftershock, 13 minutes later. 

Tuesday’s earthquake’s epicenter was 16 miles from Salinas and came shortly after a smaller tremor on Monday, October 14 off the San Francisco Bay area region that was measured as a 4.5 magnitude quake centered near Pleasant Hill.  

Tuesday’s tremor occurred just two days before the 30th anniversary of the deadly 1989 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake that struck along the same fault line. It was recorded that 63 people were killed and over 4,000 people were injured. Damage was reported almost everywhere in the surrounding areas, as a result of the earthquake. 

Recent activity underground has raised concerns that a  tremor will trigger major earthquakes along the Hayward Fault, which is located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, which is parallel to the San Andreas fault. The Hayward Fault runs 74 miles long and has approximately 2.4 million people living near it. 

The Hayward Fault experienced the 1868 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which is considered the strongest quake to result of that fault in recorded history. It was named the “great San Francisco Earthquake” up until the 1906 7.9 magnitude San Francisco earthquake that left anywhere between 700-3000 people dead (the number is uncertain as it was not recorded due to certain areas like Chinatown being ignored).  

Residents who felt the earthquake are asked to share their experience with the U.S. Geological Survey by filling out the agency’s ‘Did You Feel It?’ form. The information provides useful data for researchers. Take the survey at:

In addition to the survey, an international shakeout drill named “The Great Shakeout” will take place on Thursday, October 17. To participate or obtain more information, register at