BEVERLY HILLS—The City of Beverly Hills is announcing the 2010 City of Beverly Hills “I’m Prepared!” Earthquake Preparedness Pledge Drive.

During the city’s second annual “When It Rocks, Are You Ready to Roll?” community pledge drive, residents are being encouraged to prepare for future earthquake hazards by preparing emergency kits for their cars. The Beverly Hills City Council website is providing a handy checklist that community members can refer to in order to prepare or update basic preparedness kits for their vehicles. Included in the handy checklist are the following:

1) Flashlights with extra batteries or glow sticks

2) Portable radio with extra batteries

3) Non-perishable, high-energy food items, (e.g., granola bars, raisins and peanut butter)

4) Water, (stored in air-tight containers.  Replace every six months)

5) Blanket, thermal blanket or sleeping bag

6) Clothing and comfortable shoes

7) Other needed items, (e.g., cash, toiletries, medications, extra prescription eyeglasses)

The city recommends that all of the items be kept in a backpack or other bags that are easy to carry. It is also important to keep vehicle gas tanks at least half full.

To make a pledge to update or create these emergency kits, please complete the “I’m Prepared!” pledge form at and click submit.  Forms need to be submitted by May 31.

The city also informs participants that a random drawing of returned pledges will be held at the city’s Health and Safety Commission meeting in June. The winner will receive a personal emergency supply kit.