HOLLYWOOD—For a few weeks now, fans of the hits series “Empire” have known that Lucious Lyon had a son that he knew nothing about: Jeff Kingsley. Kingsley’s secret came out during last week’s episode thanks to Giselle, who planned to utilize the information as leverage. Well that was until a turn of events forced her to drop the tea to her foe Lucious in this week’s episode, ‘Had It From My Father.’

Last week, audiences were left with a cliffhanger of all cliffhangers with Bella playing with that gun. Thankfully, the writers didn’t want to deliver an actual gut punch by killing a kid and made the most frightening situation simmer down. Giselle wanted to utilize the information she had as leverage to become the new CEO of Empire, but Jeff wasn’t ready to play ball he wanted her as his co-CEO. Hmm, interesting, but if I had that level of leverage, I wouldn’t be co anything to any position that holds power.

Andre was busy celebrating, as he realized he was the catalyst to help a man who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit get released. Kingsley was not pleased to be exposed on national TV by Jamal’s fiancé. Cookie, Lucious and the rest of the family celebrated the blow to their enemy, but it was short-lived as Jeff had plans cooking in his brain to save the company’s reputation.

Andre was concerned that ignoring Teri was for the greater good to protect her, but dear ole dad informed him not to run away from things sitting in front of him. Bella’s recent incident forced Hakeem to make amends with Blake, just as Andre and Teri spent some time on the beach. They shared a kiss and Andre opened his heart up to a woman for the first time since his wife’s death. Jeff, is indeed playing dirty because he ousted Becky, which prompted Giselle to realize that she is indeed playing with fire.

Lucious was busy planning their return to the music arena with their showcase. Jamal was not pleased to learn from his lover that he got the scoop on a story that could expose his father and destroy his opportunity to return to the industry. Looks like this love story is over and it seemed like it just started. After learning about Jeff’s latest stunt, Lucious pummeled the son he didn’t know existed, but in the midst of nearly beating his child to death, Giselle revealed the truth, which left Lucious in utter shock to say the least. He paid a visit to Jeff’s mother to find out if it is indeed his child. Lucious didn’t speak any words, but the look in his eyes spoke everything.

Giselle, fed up with Jeff’s antics decided to call a truce with Cookie and Lucious by offering Empire Records back to them, with just one caveat: make her co-CEO. What is it with this woman NOT wanting to be on top, but instead on the bottom? Cookie did not like the positon that she was put in; she wanted to maintain the company she sacrificed for, while also keeping their management company moving forward. Lucious was stunned to learn that Cookie sold the condo and to show her lover that she is in this for the long run, she gave him a check for $5 million.

As Lyon Family Management celebrated a successful night, it all came crashing down with Jeff’s arrival and his decision to drop a bomb on not just the world, but the Lyon family as well. As Jeff shared his tale, it left everyone in awe, especially Cookie, Hakeem, Jamal and Andre. As a viewer, even I felt sorry for Jeff; it explains why he’s such a tool. I guess what they say is true: Lucious is equally cruel to all of his children.

I thought that was stunning, but nope, it was the final moments where a flash forward revealed that Andre was in dire straits being rushed into the ER, just as Cookie wanted nothing to do with Lucious. Andre flat lined, but the question we all want to know is rather Andre is truly dead and if so, who was responsible for his demise. It looks like audiences will have to wait awhile before we learn the truth. “Empire” returns to wrap its fifth season in spring 2019.