HOLLYWOOD—Since the premiere of “Empire” last month, the series seems to get bigger each week. The way the show unfolded in the last episode ‘Dangerous Bonds’ was highly unexpected.

The show begins with Hakeem and Tiana doing a red carpet interview after their Teen Choice Awards performance. As you recall in last week’s episode, Tiana walked in on Hakeem with another woman.

It was very odd that Tiana didn’t overreact after seeing her beau with an older woman in last week’s show, but on this week’s episode it clearly made sense why. She’s bi-sexual. Tiana was caught kissing another woman, while onset of a video shoot.

Don’t let her innocence fool you. She plays her character far too well, which is what brought it to a surprise.

I’m sure you’re wondering if Hakeem ever found out. And in fact he did with the unwitting help of his oldest brother Andre.

Andre, still scheming to take over the empire after his father, will do whatever it takes to make it to the top even if it means betraying his own brothers and turning them against each other.

With the help of his wife, Andre leaked the video online of Tiana making out with another women. Hakeem see’s the video as he is on set recording his first video: “Dripity Drop.”

Jamal, who has been back in the studio recording his first song, is set up to get robbed because of his brother intentionally mentioning about a costly watch his brother had to a stranger in a bar.

Here’s the catch: Only Hakeem knew about the expensive watch. This not only leads Jamal to believe Hakeem set him up, but it also caused the brothers to clash later at Hakeem’s apartment.

Lucius brought big news to the episode. He finally proposes to Anika. As he sits and meets with her parents to announce the big news, he also asks for a favor from her father, who is a doctor.

He convinces him that when empire launches, he needs her father to certify that he is in good health. You would think that this highly respected doctor, wouldn’t dare risk his career on the line, but shockingly, he did.

Lucius informed him that Anika is unaware that after he dies she will become a billionaire after the success of the company. Can you smell the greed for money? Her father then tells Lucius to keep it a secret from his daughter.

It’s doesn’t make sense why Lucius wants to marry Anika, with only little time to live, but we do know one thing, she doesn’t need his money. She came from a wealthy family.

In the meantime, Cookie has a lot on her plate in this episode. She is still being monitored by the FEDS to appear in court to testify about a suspect that shot a man years ago.

She testifies to witnessing the murder, but then discovers that the man that died was also a FED. Now she fears the shooter, Frank, is after her. She returns home with a rose at her doorstep, which is a trademark of from Frank whenever he knows someone has snitched.

She later goes to a distant cousin of hers for help with taking care of the situation, in other words murdering Frank.

Cookie doesn’t realize until towards the end of the day that the rose on her doorstep was given to her by Lucius. She tries to call off the plan, but it ends up being too late.

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