HOLLYWOOD—Eric Forrester has finally reached his boiling point on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” So many people have implemented themselves into his love life that he has spoken his mind and be damned if anyone doesn’t like it. By now we all know that Eric is suffering from erectile dysfunction, and word spread like a wildfire last week.

First, Justin spilled to Ridge who was livid. He decided to confront Quinn and Carter, at his place with Brooke in tow. It was some fine acting from all parties involved. I love to see an enraged Brooke, who couldn’t believe what Quinn and Carter were doing behind Eric’s back. It forced, Quinn and Carter to spill Eric’s secret and they thought it was bonkers.

With that said, Katie was able to pry the truth from Eric and was gut-punched with the revelation. With that said, Ridge had his encounter with Eric and Quinn where he couldn’t believe his father was allowing Quinn to sleep with another man while married to him. Look, let’s be honest this is a wild storyline and its damn crazy and hard to fathom such a thing could happen in real life, but you never know.

Ridge and Brooke are right; Eric is allowing Quinn to betray him in the worst way even if it has his blessing. Eric spilled the tea that he was lonely, the house was quiet and he did NOT want to be alone so this is why he was allowing Quinn to have her desires fulfilled by Carter while still be married to him. Eric put his foot down and ordered Ridge and everyone else to butt out. The audience seemed to be teased that Donna and Eric might reunite and I think that would be a fine pairing to be honest, but it has stalled apparently.

In other Los Angeles news, Finn has another sympathetic ear about his plight with Sheila: Hope. Yes, an odd pairing, but Hope actually LISTENED to the situation that Finn is in. I am glad that the writers have moved away from the Finn and Paris possible pairing; it just didn’t seem like a good idea. So could we see a Finn and Hope pairing? It is indeed very possible with the impending drama involving Sheila. Sheila made it clear that she was NOT going anywhere until she bonded with her grandson and son.

It looks like she might have an ally in this hotel associate who is getting chummy with Sheila and might do her bidding.   We’re getting that tease of a Sheila and Steffy war, but as a viewer I’m ready for this war to explode NOW, not later. Steffy is worried about Thomas perhaps going down that path of being obsessed with Hope yet again. OMG, if the writers go down this path I am going to be livid; it is tired and old at this point, however, a face from the past arrived in town that caused plenty of jaws to drop and shook up a ton of lives in the process.

That face was none other than Hope’s father Deacon Sharpe. Yeah, this is a guy we have NOT seen in a while and his past is not something Hope nor Brooke brags about. Looks like Deacon is going to be the ripple that causes problems in Hope and Liam’s relationship. To be honest I can’t recall a time where both Liam and Deacon have appeared on screen at the same time. However, Liam should be questioning someone’s parenting ideals. His father Bill Spencer is no saint, and has done wicked deeds, just like Deacon, so it’s like the pot calling the kettle.

This could be a fun addition because we know Brooke won’t be happen with Deacon back in Hope’s orbit, but Hope has always wanted a relationship with her father and she might finally get it ala Finn and Sheila.