BEVERLY HILLS—This week in Hollywoodland, a friend snapped a rare candid photo of Kim Kardashian at a party and shared it with me, “True Blood” star Sam Trammell announced that he and his beautiful girlfriend are going to become parents, actor and physician Rico Simonini partied with a famous director and “Black Eyed Peas” singer Fergie and more entertainment news from Tinseltown.

Kim Kardashian and her beautiful mother and sisters have created a multimillion dollar empire on fame. Hollywood is known for creating celebrities, though in the days past, it was all due to studio publicists at one of the major film houses such as: Warner Bros., MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Universal or RKO. Today savvy entrepreneurs can arrive in Hollywood and with a personal publicist, smart manager and boundless energy, they can make themselves famous, and with the help of Twitter and Facebook it’s all at the tip of their fingers.

Paris Hilton did it long before it was vogue, “The Hills” cast did it too, but today the hottest and most popular sister-act is the Kardashian clan, led by mom Kris Jenner, who is married to gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Kim and sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall are poised to become billionaires just from the good old American spirit of making your own way in the world. They use their fame and beauty also to help others by donating to charities and speaking out against abuse of women around the world.

Last week at the QVC-Oscar party, my friend Irene Keller, who has photographed me as well as many of my famous friends snapped this candid shot of Kim, who was being interviewed at the event. Irene tells Canyon News, “Your friend Kim is beautiful, Tommy. I’d love to get her in my studio. Show her my portfolio!” Kris Jenner is the focus of a recent Hollywood Reporter feature that explains how she single-handedly turned her financial troubles into a $65 million media empire utilizing beauty, brains and feminine wilds.

When I caught up with my friend Sam Trammell this week, he was ecstatic about the news that he and his girlfriend Missy Yager are expecting twins. Sam, who is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood could hardly contain himself. His devoted fans are always asking me to find out upcoming secrets about his shape shifter character Sam Merlotte on HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood.” However, I’d never do such a thing. I enjoy waiting along with everyone else and being surprised by what Alan Ball does next. Our mutual friend, award-winning actress and his “True Blood” co-star Ashley Jones told me on Tuesday, “Tommy, I am so thrilled for Sam and Missy! They will both make amazing parents and have the cutest kids. Can’t wait to meet the little Trammells.”

Sam and Missy have been together for 8 years, and she has starred on AMC’s acclaimed series “Mad Men.”

Charlie Sheen has apparently given his good wishes to an old friend, Rob Lowe if he wants to take over the lead role in CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.” So far no reports have come out of CBS or Warner Bros. regarding whether they plan to recast Sheen in the role or even bring the show back at all. Here’s hoping the cast and crew that find themselves out of work are able to return to work soon.

On Friday, actor, producer and director Mel Gibson appeared in an L.A. County courtroom to plead no contest to a misdemeanor battery of ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. By the plea deal, he will face no jail time and is ordered to complete counseling and serve probation.

Actor and surgeon Rico Simonini is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He recently gave us an exclusive interview about how he saved a man from dying from a heart-attack while hiking in a nearby canyon. Rico told me this week, “It was great hanging out with singer Fergie and the acclaimed director Michael Oblovitz, who not only directed but produced the documentary ”˜Sea of Darkness,’ which is about to be made into a feature film.” I reminded Rico that he’s not the only actor who has a day job. Though I’m not a heart surgeon, I love my work in public relations, writing for this paper and doing TV and films as well. He laughed and then commented, “I’ll be sure to tell Michael you are ready for another close up, after appearing on a reality show, soap and in a film last year, as yourself.”

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Photographs are Courtesy: Kim Kardashian and Tommy Lightfoot Garrett by Irene Keller and Rico Simonini, singer Fergie and director Oblovitz from Simonini’s private collection.

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