WEST HOLLYWOOD—Talented artist, actor and acclaimed award-winning author Thom Bierdz took time out of his busy schedule of painting, enjoying fans on Facebook, working with other artists and taping in his neighborhood at CBS TV City. Yes, Thom will soon be returning to his role as Phillip Chancellor III, on the number-one rated daytime television drama for the past 21 years “The Young and the Restless.” Bierdz speaks openly about his enduring friendship with actress Lauralee Bell, who recently returned to the soap as well, in the coveted role of Christine “Cricket” Blair Williams.

Thom’s creative genius is well known around the globe. His story has touched many people, his artwork has impressed even more of them and this week we caught up with the handsome local resident and asked the questions you wanted answers to.

Q- What were the days like for you originally (in the ’80s) on “Y&R” with leading ladies Lauralee Bell and Tricia Cast?

A-“Tommy, it was very exciting for me to be in my 20s and working with such talented actresses. Both Lauralee and Tricia were very sweet.”

Q-Thom, you confided your sexuality to Lauralee many years ago, while you were both still young. How did she handle it?

A-We didn’t talk much about it back then. We do lately. She’s still a very close friend to me after all of these years. She is a huge supporter of equal right, as you know.”

Q-How is it that you and Lauralee still have such a strong friendship and connection? Don’t you find her to be open, big hearted and honest?

A-Yes, Tommy, I am so impressed by the kind and compassionate lady Lauralee is. She’s just like her mother, Lee [Phillip Bell].”

Q-On another subject, your artwork is very popular right now. What is your favorite painting recently and why?

A-“You are always interested in my artwork Tommy. To answer you, it would be a piece called ”˜Lady.’ She is a pug that was loved very much. After she died, her owners had me do her portrait. They also wanted a rocky mountain background. What a face she has, huh Tommy?”

Q-Thom, how is life for you right now, both personally and professionally?

A-“Life is good. I am this week sending the hundreds of submissions for the American Art Awards 2010 to my 25 galleries across the States for them to judge the winners. I am also doing several painting commissions and in the middle of shooting a month of storyline on ”˜Y&R.’ I have many other creative projects as well. I love being busy and am grateful for the opportunities that I have.”

Learn more about Thom at www.ThomBierdz.com or click on the following link to read a recent article Thom did with the Examiner. Getting to know actor and artist Thom Bierdz – Detroit Soap Opera | Examiner.com

Photographs Courtesy Thom Bierdz’s private collection: Lauralee, Thom and Tricia circa 1988 and portrait of Lady
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