SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, May 21, California National Park Service Park Rangers were approached by an individual who discovered explosive materials in the Santa Monica Mountain recreation area. The Los Angeles Police Department announced on May 23 via their website, NPS rangers identified eight Molotov cocktails on a wooded trail.

The LAPD, Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Arson section, LAFD West Valley Division and Emergency Services Division, Hazardous Material Section, and Major Crimes Division responded to the call, retrieving the items along with some gasoline cans.

Evidence found at the scene aided in the identification of Maksim Klimenko, 34, of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case to determine if charges will be filed against the suspect.

Maksim Klimenko

On May 7, Klimenko posted on his Facebook page video of the explosives being used nearby brush on fire appears in the video.

The caption reads, “Three 150mm Fouche’s with full combat kit!!! Well done ZSU.” There is a Ukrainian flag symbol at the end of the sentence, blue on top, yellow on the bottom. Another video depicts a tank, which could have been the origin of the explosion.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Search tool, Maksim Klimenko is not in custody in Los Angeles County. The LAPD announced the suspect was arrested as noted in a May 23 news release on the LAPD website.