UNITED STATES—As many of you might know, the deadline to enroll in the Affordable Care Act is fast approaching, Sunday, February 15, 2015 to be exact. So the question of the week is rather you have done so? I know plenty who haven’t, because this ‘affordable’ care act isn’t as affordable as it touts itself to be.

For starters, the plans available to those low income individuals still range from anywhere from $150-$200 a month; and guess what it doesn’t cover all expenses. I find it absolutely alarming that either you sign up for health insurance or dental insurance. There are limited options to have both in one plan, and if you do you’ll spend a ton to be covered.

I’ve been trying to do my best to wrap my mind around President Barack Obama’s decision to implement this plan, but I have trouble with a person in power forcing something onto the American people. There isn’t a person in the world, who doesn’t want to have health insurance.

I think we all want to be able to go to the hospital whenever possible to be treated for any possible illness. The same applies for ensuring that those with children are properly cared for without worries of settling for inadequate care.

What our President hasn’t seemed to grasp is we still live in a country were the idea of earning a fair wage has not happened, and I’m not certain if it ever will, even though it’s something on his agenda. For the oddest reason in the world, so many members in Congress are against people earning a decent wage. Their argument, it will hurt small businesses. So I ask the question, should people have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet because they can’t get a fair shake in the work force?

Yeah, Congress seems to hide their faces when the tough issues come front and center. For everyone that thinks the current federal wage is livable, I ask you to spend a year working at the minimum wage and see if you’re able to pay all of your bills, put food into your mouth, take care of your family and pay for health insurance.

The idea of even thinking about someone tackling such a task is laughable because no member in Congress or a politician will do such a thing. Why? They’ll get a hard dose of reality that so many of us live day in and day out. What irks many Americans is the notion that them not having insurance results in a penalty. Wow, because I can’t afford to have health insurance you plan to penalize me? Really what government do we live in? Is this a dictatorship? I thought we lived in a country where it was “for the people by the people.”

American politicians just keep kicking Americans down when things are not looking bright. Am I advocating Americans to not sign up for insurance, no? If at all possible, health coverage is something we all need to have and it should be more affordable than what it is.

The sad thing about insurance, rather its health or some other form is that it’s a tradable commodity. Pharmaceutical companies, doctors and medical facilities earn millions if not billions of dollars a year on unbelievable charges for procedures, check-ins and prescriptions and a host of other things.

We live in a capitalist country where the power of money talks, the more that you wield the more power you have. God, I just wish one day, money could no longer talk.