UNITED STATES—I sometimes wonder about my family because sometimes people just do stupid things that make you question what the hell they are doing people. My father recently took a vacation out of town to Florida. I thought everything was going well because I’m the type of person that believes when you go on vacation you disconnect from everything. You relax and you enjoy yourself that sometimes means not contacting immediate family unless it’s an emergency. The key word being ‘emergency!’

So imagine my surprise when I finally touch base with my father after more than 2 weeks to discover he just had the vacation from hell. Why? He was hospitalized for 4 days in another state and I had no clue. To describe the emotions I was feeling when I heard that I could not disclose to you in words. I think at the top of my list was furious. I mean not only was he in the hospital, but had to be rushed via ambulance to the ER because he was having difficulty breathing.

My first thought was WHY in the hell no one in my family, particularly the people vacationing with my father didn’t bother to pick up their phones and contact me or my sister so we were aware of the situation? Like this is my father, things could have been far more serious and I had no idea at all what was going on. It would be different if these family members did NOT have my cell phone number, but they actually do so that frustrated me even more.

The reason this is so important for me is the fact that about 3 years ago my father was deathly ill and if I hadn’t gone to the hospital with him to find out why he was ill I don’t know if he would be here today. His body blew up to a point that he was near death and suffering from congestive heart failure and it resulted in him being in the hospital for nearly a month as fluid had to be extracted from his body and his heart and kidneys had to be heavily monitored.

It was indeed an ordeal America, where I was bouncing from work from school to the hospital for nearly a month and juggling all this stress the best way that I can and that I know how people. That was beyond a stressful time in my life people, so imagine my thought process when this latest incident transpired. My first reaction was to call these family members to ask WTH! Why did you not bother to call me so I was aware what was going on.

Hello, this is my father we’re talking about and if something happened, I would NOT have had a single clue because you idiots were mum about the situation. C’mon, you cannot be this stupid or inconsiderate to alert his children as to what is taking place people. I don’t understand how people can contact you for things that are not emergencies, but when an actual emergency takes place it is like ‘shhh, don’t say anything.’ Like what do you expect me to say? I’d rather know what is going on versus not having an idea at all.

What was worse is he was left in the hospital by himself for a few days, did the relatives come visit, yes, but at the same time he had to be fearful NOT knowing what was taking place and as his son I would have liked to know what was going on so perhaps I could speak to the doctors and find out exactly what was going on. However, I didn’t get that opportunity and it’s frustrating to say the least.

When an emergency happens, especially involving family there is no questions about it you contact immediate family and alert them as to what is taking place. Failure to do that can cause emotions to heighten and words to be exchanged that is not good for any parties involved at all. I just cannot believe the stupidity of my family this past 2 weeks. Disappointed? Without a doubt America, I really hope they have learned from this mistake because in my eyes this is not good, not good at all people.