HOLLYWOOD—Well I must say, “The Young and the Restless” has gotten a bit interesting as we are in the thick of February Sweeps. Yes, I have not been thrilled with “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” With “Days of Our Lives” on hiatus for the winter Olympics, I’ve been truly relying on “General Hospital” that has been explosive fun. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is at its worst right now in my opinion recycling the same storylines that are so damn predictable that it’s not even funny anymore at this point.

I can make the argument that I see where “Y&R” is going, and it doesn’t feel predictable America. Now if there is ONE thing that is indeed predictable it’s the ongoing Newman family war. This time it’s between Victoria and Adam. To be honest when is it NOT between Victoria and Adam? They always seem to be drawn by Victor’s power struggles. Abby has her own focus which we will get to in a moment, and Nick, well Nick doesn’t seem to have much to do at all right now, which is unfortunate.

Victor has decided to allow Victoria to buy out Newman Media making her Adam’s boss. What could be Victor’s angle here because I do not get it at all people? Victor always has ulterior motives, but this one I just cannot peg my finger on it. Chelsea and Chloe are out of a job thanks to Victoria, who let me be honest, is more cutthroat and vicious than her father. It’s quite annoying to say the least.

With that said, I think Victoria is about to receive a comeuppance that is about to leave her flabbergasted. Why? Dare I say Billy Abbott was right about Ashland Locke? Ashland is keeping secrets again, and Victor and Michael Baldwin are getting to the bottom of it. For starters he’s funding the clinic that treated him for his cancer. Now make that make sense people. If Victoria falls for all these lies this time around, she deserves the egg that is about to fall on her face for not listening to Billy and Nick when they warned her about Ashland.

Ashland has big plans in place, but will Victor uncover them before it’s too late? Looks like time will tell. Finally, finally Adam is giving a possible romance with Sally Spectra a shot. I mean Adam and Sally have epic chemistry, chemistry that not even Sharon and Chelsea can match. It just works people; I don’t know what to say. When they finally lock lips and give into temptation it will be the moment fans have patiently waited for, just as Chelsea is forced to move on with her life without Adam as her lover, but she seems to have someone else on the brain people: Rey.

Yes, that Rey people the one married to Sharon, and they have NOT had much of a story in over a year. Sharon and Nick belong together, so if that means Chelsea gets Rey I’m ok with that. The same goes with Jack and Phyllis, but it seems like the writers cannot find anything for these two iconic characters to give them a narrative c’mon you cannot waste talent like this people.

Noah confessed his feelings for Tessa I a drunken stupor one that had Nick and Sharon worried about their son, and Tessa feeling guilty and Mariah recounting how she stole Tessa from Noah in the beginning. Let Mariah and Tessa be happy they deserve it people. Devon and Abby have come to an agreement to share custody of baby Dominic which I’m surprised the writers took this direction, but a medical crisis for baby Dominic is about to change everything people and I mean everything. He needs a bone morrow, which means there has to be a twist coming people and if it’s a paternity twist I wonder what the big bomb will be America? Start making your guesses people!