UNITED STATES—I can say that I have officially reached my tolerance level of dealing with people who are lazy, especially in the workplace. I can no longer bite my tongue or curb how I truly feel about people that I despise. Those individuals who are unwilling to give their all when they are scheduled to work, those who look for excuses any way possible to curb their responsibilities, the list goes on and on.

With that said, nothing annoys me more when someone is scheduled to work and then I have a shift right after them and I find a ton of things undone. If you brought in no revenue, you didn’t have anything to do, explain to me how X, Y and Z is incomplete. What the hell did you do during your shift, because it was obvious you didn’t do much and you thought no one would spot it. Look either you work and produce or stay at home. I just don’t get the logic of some people. Some people like the notion of being lazy, the notion of sitting on their ass and doing absolutely nothing, but collecting a paycheck each week.

I’m so done at this point, that I’m going to start calling people out. I’ve always been one to bite my tongue, but I’m discovering in life that being quiet is sometimes the worst thing you can do. If you don’t call out a lazy employee or colleague they will think this behavior is acceptable. It’s a problem because if they venture into another place of employment they may suspect previous behavior they got away with, will not float at this new company.

Also sometimes companies have to just cut the chord with employees who do nothing for the company. If they’re not contributing, why the hell are they still here? I mean please explain that to me? Some companies are so enamored with lazy staff that they don’t see the mental impact it has on other employees those who are actually productive and help to keep the company afloat during difficult times or when needed most. Don’t ignore such things because the backlash the company can face as a result is never good.

I mean if I own a company and I have two employees, one who produces n a consistent basis and another who doesn’t, it’s an easy decision for me if I need to cut payroll costs: the person who isn’t producing is gone. It has nothing to do with being cold, I’m running a business and I need people WHO want to be here, not those just looking to collect a paycheck because it does nothing and I mean nothing for me. You are wasting my time, so let me do a favor for you, cut you so you can figure out what you want I life and also learn at the same time doing nothing and thinking you will be rewarded for it, will not float in my wheel house.

Good employees with mediocre employees can always a recipe for disaster because it creates tension. Employees know when others are not productive and then when they weigh their productivity with their counterparts it creates angst, it creates anger and above all it creates frustration. It reaches a point where decisions have to be made, tough decisions one where you start to question rather you have the mental strength to continue to deal with people’s BS or if you’re ready to just check out and take your chances elsewhere.

It’s a gamble, it’s a risk, but at the same time don’t you deserve to be happy America? I think so and if you’re seeing the situation you’re in not getting better you can present an ultimatum to your employer either it’s them or me. That’s ballsy, but in doing so your employer might not take it well, but you live and you learn. The other option is you find something else and once you have your footing you just check out or in street terminology: deuces. Work is a constant gamble you weigh the pros and cons, but I can honestly tell you working with lazy people is my biggest pet peeve it annoys me to the core to the point where I cannot hide my feelings even if I try to.