MALIBU—Rob Stewart, 37, a Canadian filmmaker, was found dead on February 3 after he disappeared earlier in week while diving off the coast of Florida during the shooting of the follow-up movie to his 2006 documentary “Sharkwater,” titled “Sharkwater Extinction.”

The body was found by U.S. Coast Guard 90 meters from where Stewart was last seen on January 31, when he had just returned to the surface after a dive about 70 meters down near Alligator Reef in the Florida Keys.

After resurfacing from the deepwater dive, Stewart signaled that he was okay while his dive partner collapsed returning to the boat. According to reports, Stewart suddenly disappeared.

Stewart hailing from Toronto, Canada made Las Flores his home in California. Coast guard Capt. Jeffrey Janszen said to the National Post that while others tended to Stewart’s partner and gave him oxygen, Stewart might have disappeared. His family believes that during this time Stewart might have lost conscious as well.

A Malibu group started collecting funds to aid in recovery efforts by setting up a GoFundMe page. The funds will be used towards the FinFee charity that Stewart founded.

Known for his documentaries including “Revolution” and his memoir “Save the Humans,” Stewart dedicated his career to warning the public about threats facing shark and other ocean life and humanity.

“Sharkwater” debuted at the Toronto International Festival and gained international recognition tackling issues on banning shark pinning.

“This century we’re facing some pretty catastrophic consequences of our actions,” Stewart said in a 2012 interview with The Canadian Press. “We’re facing a world by 2050 that has no fish, no reefs, no rainforest, and nine billion people on a planet that already can’t sustain seven billion people. So it’s going to be a really dramatic century unless we do something about it.”