HOLLYWOOD—Oh, the last 2 weeks on the CBS soap “The Bold and Beautiful” has been so juicy I couldn’t help, but craft another column this week in the aftermath of Sheila Carter’s chaos. Steffy Forrester decided to push Sheila too far after revealing that she told Finn about what she did to Brooke. That prompted Finn in a race against time to get to Steffy at Il Gardino before something bad transpired.

Oh, something bad transpired with Sheila shooting Finn thinking she was aiming at Steffy. The April 1 episode of “B&B” was gut-wrenching because all signs seemed to point to Finn being a goner people. He died saving his wife’s life; more tragic he died at the hands of his own mother, Sheila.

I understand why the writers felt the need to take the story to new heights, but did you have to kill Finn in the process people? I mean the character just got on the scene. Why not kill someone causing more ripple effects? Hmm, let’s see Thomas? He had more at stake with Sheila’s secret and it would make perfect sense to do so America and what is the purpose of Finn’s demise, for Steffy and Liam to reunite.

I swear to GOD if the writers go back to this damn Steffy, Hope and Liam love triangle I am DONE WITH “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL!” I know I’m not the only viewer that feels this way, its overblown, annoying and just damn boring at this point. Come up with some better ideas already.

With that said, Kimberlin Brown was fantastic. Sheila was an emotional mess, having to come to grips she just murdered her own son and the notion of seeing her grandson is likely to never transpire. Steffy, thanks to the ferocious work of Dr. Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones) will survive, but things are not looking great at the moment people.

So Sheila’s actual deed is under wraps at the moment as she staged the shooting as a mugging, while Deacon was the unlucky one to come across the bloody scene. He managed to break the news to Sheila, who gave a performance of a lifetime, not even giving a hint to Deacon that she was the culprit.

While all of these was happening, Taylor, Ridge and Thomas were discussing the dangers of Sheila, not knowing their entire family dynamic was about to explode to no end. At the same time we saw the return of Bill Spencer as he chatted with Liam about juggling family life with two different women, hinting at a Steffy and Liam reunion likely in the coming months. Oh, great, let’s cheer now.

I still cannot understand why the writers are NOT utilizing a bevy of characters on the soap. I mean there are literal characters who have NOT been seen in months, hell, some in over a year if not longer. I mean Quinn, Eric, Shauna, Flo, Wyatt, Bill, Katie, I could keep going people. We really have to mix up the storylines people because hell this soap is literally focused on a handful of people. “The Bold and the Beautiful” is so much more and I want to see those clashing storylines, twists and surprises and not the same plotlines echoed over and over again.