WESTWOOD—The Los Angeles Fire Department reported to the scene of a commercial building fire at around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 19.

Firefighters from LAFD station 37, along with those from other LAFD stations, extinguished a fire at the Persian restaurant D1 Café located at 10959 Kinross Ave. An LAFD Spokesperson told Canyon News that the fire affected mostly the attic of the Westwood cafe. Though firefighters stopped the fire from damaging the adjoining businesses, smoke could affected nearby stores, the LAFD official indicated.

An employee at the neighboring Fatburger establishment told Canyon News that the smoke damage from D1 Cafe forced a one-day closure. The fast-food restaurant re-opened on Monday, August 20. They indicated that D1 Cafe has remained closed since the fire.

Following the fire, a 47-year-old male was transported with an unspecified medical complaint. It is unclear if the man’s complaint is related to the fire. According to the LAFD alert, no additional injuries or a cause for the fire were reported.