BEL AIR—After the collapse of a backyard pool in a home right before 8 p.m. on Friday, September 11, several neighboring residences nearby became collateral damage, as they were completely devoured with mud, which flooded their backyards.

Initially, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) responded to a call about an issue with a pool on Ashdale Place. Officials found that a pool collapsed, and multiple homes on Thurston Avenue had water and mud flowing into their backyards.

Several fire fighters could be seen in, at least, one of the backyards digging mud out, attempting to alleviate the myriad of problems that the owners of these expensive homes will have to deal with. They will receive more information on what the damages will cost.

It’s unclear if any of individuals living in these homes were able to stay the night, or were forced to evacuate, for safety reasons. There were no reports of flooding inside of the homes.

Fire officials, and investigators on the scene, were attempting to figure out what the cause of the collapse was, but it appears that will take more of an extensive investigation, as the cause might have been due to a separate issue.