LOS ANGELES—At 8:30 pm., the Los Angeles Forum went pitch dark as a lone spotlight directed the crowd’s attention to Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters leader sat on his custom throne, and strummed the opening notes of “All My Life” amid the roar of 18,000 loyal subjects.

The “King of Rock” sat atop a throne that looks like every rock and roll kid’s fantasy come to life. This futuristic throne shot lasers as it rolled down the catwalk.

The invention is the brain child of Dave and his road crew. If not for the throne, the tour would have been cancelled. He broke his leg onstage at a gig in Sweden this past June. As the old adage goes, “the show must go on,” even if that requires finishing a grueling set on a fractured leg.

The Foo Fighters certainly lived up to their reputation delivering a high energy show that lasted over 3 hours. They played all of the hits plus three tracks off their new album, Sonic Highways.

A highlight of the evening occurred prior to “Big Me,” which Grohl dedicated to his family who was in attendance. “Bonus points go to anybody raising an old school Bic lighter,” said Grohl. Whether it be a lighter, or the lighter app on a smartphone , the glow was hypnotic.

This being L.A., the land of TMZ and paparazzi, where everyone is looking for stars around every corner, the Foos would not disappoint. Sister group HAIM, hailing from L.A., and the legendary Stevie Nicks played two classic songs. “Gold Dust Woman” and “Stop Dragging my Heart Around” sounded raw and beautiful.

The audience immediately recognized the rock goddess with her flowing blonde hair and black lace.

At a low point in rock music, the Foo Fighters remain one of the few bands making critically acclaimed and successful music. it is a testament to their 20 year plus longevity.

The set list:

1. All My Life

2. Times Like These

3. Learn to Fly

4. Something From Nothing

5. The Pretender

6. Big Me

(slow version)

7. Congregation

8. Walk

9. Eruption/Tom Sawyer/Another One Bites The Dust

(Van Halen / Rush / Queen… more )

10. Cold Day in the Sun

11. My Hero

12. White Limo

13. Arlandria

14. Outside

15. Breakout

16. Under Pressure

(Queen & David Bowie cover)

17. Best of You

18. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

(Stevie Nicks cover) (with Stevie Nicks) (also with Haim)

19. Gold Dust Woman

(Fleetwood Mac cover) (with Stevie Nicks) (also with Haim)

20. These Days

21. This Is a Call

22. Everlong