UNITED STATES—Asia is the biggest continent on the planet, so when somebody says they really want to visit, it’s a common retort to ask, “where?”

In Asia you’ll find absolutely everything. The huge technological, futuristic cities of Japan, to the humble, yet beautiful towns of India, all having merit to visit and all truly captivating.

Narrowing down where you should go isn’t easy, however. With hundreds of major cities across the continent you need to be selective in where you go, whether it be for a city break or even months upon months of travelling. So, to give you a helping hand, here are our top four cities in Asia you simply must visit…

Macau, China

Macau is a special administrative region of China and is known as the Las Vegas of the East due to the fact you can gamble there, unlike anywhere else in the country.

A former Portuguese colony, Macau is truly unique, blending the old historic regions, of which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the new, state-of-the-art casinos that have hundreds of slot games and table games. It’s like visiting the best online casino but even better, with bright lights, big jackpots, and some incredible games all under one roof.

Millions visit the city every year to enjoy the slots, many of whom cross the borders from China to do so. Like Vegas, you’ll also find tons of shows, attractions and much more, alongside some pretty stunning restaurants.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries you could ever visit and Colombo, the capital, is a must stop for anyone wanting to sample that beauty.

Well known for its wildlife and beaches, Colombo and the surrounding area is awash with national parks and stunning backdrops.

You’ll uncover animals such as elephants, while also seeing the Sri Lanka of old, including ancient temples and fortresses.

Then there’s the food. Truly mouth-watering curries as well as some excellent fine dining across the city, alongside some picture perfect rooftop bars, makes Colombo a must visit in Asia, albeit slightly off the beaten track.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka couldn’t be more different from Colombo. It’s a high-tech mega city, with a population of over two and a half million and skyscrapers galore.

While less intense than Tokyo, it’s a great first stop on any tour of Japan, with a lively food scene – the Kuromon Market is a must sample – and an even livelier bar scene, you’ll often find revelers coming to get a taste of the big city.

Far from the prettiest in Japan, the city had no problems getting rid of many traditional buildings, it is a place known for a good time, with the city’s unofficial slogan even being “kuidaore”, which translates as “eat until you drop”. If it’s a foodie paradise you’re after, you’ve found it in Osaka.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Back off the beaten track and over to Kathmandu, a city that should be explored whether you’re wanting to climb Everest or not.

Arriving in the city and you’ll be greeted with a real bashing of the senses. The smells, the noises, the sights, they can even be a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t take long to settle in and a rickshaw ride and exploring the trekking routes will soon have you well into your stride.

The temples, courtyards and squares are truly stunning with Durbar Square the centre of life in Nepal. Good-wise, you’ve got plenty of options with the likes of Kaiser Cafe, Utse, and even Fire & Ice Pizza, which brings a slice of Italy to the middle of Asia.

For those seeking adventure, Kathmandu is paradise and it really is an experience like no other.