WEST HOLLYWOOD—After reports of a high-volume of French Bulldog kidnappings, a French Bulldog by the name of “Luca” was returned after a violent attack was committed against her owner. 

It is not immediately known who the suspect or suspects are that committed the act but, according to reports the owner, Robert Marinelli, says he is happy that Luca has been returned. 

The 8-year-old French Bulldog, who suffers from medical conditions and has a missing toe due to cancer, was stolen as Marinelli went to take her out on a walk on Tuesday, December 28 at around 7:30 a.m. 

According to the victim he spotted a black sedan on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive. The suspect(s) in the vehicle appeared to be waiting for Marinelli. He picked up his dog and tried to run away but he was knocked to the ground by the assailant(s) and Luca was taken away. 

During the robbery Marinelli’s clothes were caught in the vehicle and he was dragged 200 feet on a gravel road.

An amount of $10,000 was offered to the public for Luca’s return, but it is unclear if that award would now be claimed. 

French Bulldogs are known to be an expensive breed and can be sold at a high dollar amount.