HOLLYWOOD—America, I have been waiting for as long as I can remember to finally get the opportunity to see the 1982 version of “Friday the 13th: Part 3D” in actual 3D. I heard about this film during my years as a child, a teen, young adult and now an adult, but it has finally manifested itself in a true 3D version, not one of those red and blue glasses. This is real 3D and for those who have a 3D TV (good luck on finding one now), a 3D player and 3D glasses you can see the movie the way it was intended to be seen like on the big screen.

I must admit this is not a film you can simply go purchase, you have to purchase the Deluxe Edition box set, which is not as pricey as one expected. I think $129.99 for 16 discs and all 12 movies in the franchise is great price. See more on this in my other column of the week about the goodies in this box set that I have not even had the opportunity to fully decipher.

However, this 3D version did not disappoint me at all. At first I was wondering if the hype of the movie, which I heard all about from my dad would live up to my expectations or disappoint me. Well I can tell you that this version of the movie exceeded my expectations. I was literally blown away, giddy and laughing at the technology watching this movie. Why? It was made in 1982; I did not expect it to be as up to par as other 3D flicks that have been released in recent years.

The opening film titles prove that the technology was up to par, as things come directly at the face. On top of that the movie finds a way to allow the 3D to be heightened elements of the narrative. Its subtle there is subtlety that just works. I mean the clothes hanger, the antenna, the snake in the cage, the baseball bat. You feel like you’re watching a movie where things just naturally happen and the 3D is added as a heightened effect and it’s ongoing throughout the movie. It is not the last 20-30 minutes or a few scenes here are there. I can honestly say there is 3D throughout this entire movie, something NOT seen in many 3D films of recent years. It has been gimmicky, but “Friday the 13th: Part 3D” is none of that at all. I mean even a vast majority of the death scenes has an element of 3D that pops out, like the harpoon, the fuse box, the fire poker, oh, and that eyeball popping out of that guy’s head, it is just amazing to witness people.

For some reason, the third installment of the horror franchise has always been a favorite of mine, and I don’t know why, but with this new version it has given me more of a reason to appreciate this film. It is part of my collection and it will always be part of my movie collection. I mean I had the 2004 DVD version, which lacked the meat fans wanted, the 2013 steel can case was impressive as it was Blu-ray versions of the films, but once again lacked the punch we wanted, fast-forward to seven years later and fans finally get what they have asked for.

If you’ve gotten your hands on the set, you can enjoy this third installment in all of its glory as I have and I’m just unpacking the mayhem. This pure 3D is fantastic and everything I’ve asked for in a movie, it proves that technology while it has advanced a ton in almost 40 years, if done right can have a major impact years later, which this movie proves in epic glory.