HOLLYWOOD—Kristen DiMera has turned Salem upside down on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Not only did she drop the bomb about EJ DiMera being alive, but she taunted Sami into shooting Marlena, kidnapped Claire and Eve and seduced Brady. Well, that all culminated with an epic confrontation where Kristen was about to take Sami out, but Paul tackled the vixen and they tumbled from a window. Kristen managed to escape to the DiMera mansion where Stefan hid his sister in the tunnels.

Considering Stefan and Kristen never met, I found it odd for him to be so open to his sister, but I guess DiMera’s stick together, blood or not. For now, Kristen is on the backburner a bit, but I’m sure the mayhem will pick up even more in the coming weeks. So let’s continue to chat about the DiMera clan, this time Chad. The rift between Chad and Abigail has been a major focal point in recent weeks with the pregnancy news. The audience knows, as well as Kate and Gabi that Abigail is actually carrying Chad’s baby not Stefan’s. However, Gabi wants a bit of vengeance.

Not only has she been cozying up to Chad, but she has been dropping hints that perhaps Chad should seek a divorce. Abigail is very perceptive and has realized that Chad and Gabi have been getting close. So much to the point that the two ladies had an altercation if you want to call it that, where they aired out their grievances. Gabi beat around the bush a bit; she told some truths, but hid a few others, while Abigail seemed to be a bit more honest about the situation at hand.

I thought the pregnancy twist was one thing, as it would be rightfully deserved for Stefan, but if you truly care about Chad, why would you allow such a thing to happen. However, she not only plans to steal Chad from Abigail and force her to think Stefan is the father of her child, she is planning to driver her BFF crazy! Yes, Gabi is placing items from Abigail’s alters around the house to stir up memories in hopes of forcing those alters to reignite. This is perhaps the most twisted and craziest thing I’ve ever seen in the soap arena, but it is a very fun storyline to watch. The one caveat is what will happen to Gabi once the truth comes out? She’ll have both a livid Chad and Stefan to deal with, I’m not certain she can handle such.

The other issue of the hour that we have to discuss is the situation involving Marlena. Just when the audience thought things were going well, her condition has taken a turn for the worse. It has placed John, Belle, Eric and Sami in a contentious place regarding pulling their loved one off life support. Belle is adamant about following the law, while John is holding out hope. Let’s be honest, we already know “DOOL” is not killing off Marlena Evans, this is just being used to amplify a bit of tension with viewers and the cliffhangers are proof that John may not forgive Claire for even considering that her mother will awaken from her condition.

John has double stress worried about Paul’s condition. Paul is very much alive, but there is one problem. He cannot move his legs, he’s paralyzed. This complicates the situation more for Will, Paul and Sonny. Will wants to sever ties with Paul, but this latest turn of events has him feeling sympathy. Also it doesn’t help the situation, that Brady railed into Will for wanting to break Paul’s heart yet again. I guess we can all agree with the notion that we know have an idea how Paul will exit the canvas. Brady is starting to become an annoyance preaching all that is mighty and good, when Will and Sonny have decided to call it quits to prevent Paul from being hurt.

However, the week got even better when Jennifer decided to drop the bomb on Eric about Nicole and what Brady did. It left Eric baffled and Brady facing a bit of backlash for his actions. Um Eve, you might be in trouble now, I told you not to goad Jennifer because when you push too far it comes back to haunt you. Hope is still feigning after Ben, so much to the point that not only does she arrest him, she has Ben, Rafe and few others questioning if she tampered or planted evidence. Do I think Ben started that fire at the cabin? No, but I’m eager to find out who may have and exactly what was their motive for doing so, because if it turns out to be a complete bust I will be so livid with the writers for allowing this to drag out.

Now that the truth about Brady and Nicole is out in the open, expect not only a war of words in Salem, but some plots for vengeance to explode in the coming weeks on the soap that will be must see TV as we get closer to November sweeps.