HOLLYWOOD—This week’s season finale of Game Of Thrones was just as action-packed and exciting as we figured it would be! I don’t know if anyone prepared for this much death!

We begin with a cryptic bell ringing.

Cersei dresses in some very tight and authoritarian outfit while the scene flashes through the Sept of Baelor, where the trial of the season is getting ready to start. King Tommen, Queen Margaery and the High Sparrow are all getting ready for the trial.

Pycelle, the royal Grand Maester is getting up from a bed where a young naked whore is asking for her payment. He leaves the bedroom and a young child stops him.

Sir Loras is brought into the center of the seven men to confesses his guilt and admit ALL of his crimes, including “laying with” men including Renly Baratheon.

The High Sparrow informs that punishment will be fierce and fair. Queen Margaery looks angry as her brother is made to kneel and declare that he will abandon the Tyrell name, including claim to the title and the right to have children. Loras announces he will devote himself to The Seven, and then they cut the symbol into his forehead.

At Red Keep Cersei’s zombie guard is standing in front of Tommen’s door, refusing to step to the side so the King can attend the trial.

The Grand Maester is being led through the dark corridors. Soon he is in the room with Cersei’s Master of Whisperers: Qyburn. Cersei’s cousin Lancel is also being led by a child, into the dark corridors under the Sept.

Back to Pycelle and the Qyburn the necromancer, who apologizes to the Grand Maester. The old must be put to rest to make room for the new. Suddenly, the old man is being stabbed by a room full of children.

Cousin Lancel is also stabbed, but only enough to take him down. He now crawls the ground of the under-dwelling, alone. Ready for the trial, Queen Margaery is frantic.

Cersei and Tommen aren’t there. She gets SO MOUTHY with the High Sparrow it seems she’s in charge. She tells High Sparrow if the Queen Mother isn’t already there, she must not intend to be. They are not safe and must leave! Soon Lancel comes upon a bright blue substance all over the ground.

It’s wildfire chemical and someone has punctured the barrels. There’s a lit candle too.  The flame ignites the trail of liquid, and the Queen’s guards are preventing people from leaving above. Cersei watches safely from the other side of Kings Landing. The explosion is so large, survival is doubted.

The Queen Mother looks smug and vindicated as she proceeds to do something she’s been waiting for.

The cruel Septa Unella lays confined in a creepy illuminated stone room, forced to listen as Cersei tells her how she loved ‘HAVING SEX’ with her brother and loved killing her husband, King Baratheon. She tells Unella that she also loved killing the High Sparrow and all his Little Sparrows too. It felt good. She invites her zombie in and she tells the Septa that she now belongs to him and his name is Sir Gregor Clegane, the Hound’s brother.

Septa screams. Cersei exits while repeating the religious zealots favorite phrase: shame, shame


An unknown servant apologizes to Tommen, the Queen is dead. The King walks out of view and we hear the crown placed on a table. The young ruler walks back to the window, opens it, and proceeds to step out and kill himself. Did we just see a Romeo and Juliet scene? The Queen had said they weren’t safe and was trying to find a way out before the explosion!

Walder Frey is at Riverrun toasting the Lannister family and how well they work together. Sir Bronn and Jamie are watching and there’s a pretty young woman who keeps smiling at the Kingslayer.

Bronn leaves with two women and Walder Fray comes over to brag. He defeated the Tully’s and is back in charge. Jamie tells him that he doesn’t even know why the Lannister’s support the Frey family anymore since they can’t defend themselves without begging for help from the royal family.

The Queen Mother’s look of satisfaction is gone now, as Cersei looks upon the dead body of her son, King Tommen and announces that he will be cremated with his ashes spread where the Sept of Baelor once stood.

Samwell Tarly and his girl Gilly are being dropped off at his new station, the Citadel.

The man at the door has a big attitude and questions how Sam can have orders from Commander Jon Snow when the last they knew Jeor Mormont was the commander. He tells Sam that he’s permitted to wait in the library but stops Gilly, as she tries to follow with the baby, telling her no women allowed. The library is breathtakingly huge and Sam looks as if he could be very comfortable in this place. But what about Gilly?

Jon Snow and Melisandre are talking when Davos Seaworth storms in, throwing the elk toy to her.

Seaworth makes her confess to burning Princess Shireen at the stake and asks that Melisandre is executed for these crimes. The Red Witch pleads that the Army is coming and she’s needed. The new commander doesn’t blink an eye, he merely tells her to go South. If she ever returns to the North he will have her hanged as a murderer.

A moment later and Jon’s with Sansa. He admits it was her friend Petyr Baelish and the Knights of the Vale that led to success in defeating Bolton. They discuss who will have the RULER’S BEDROOM and Sansa tells him a white Raven came from the Citadel, meaning winter is here.

Now, a land forgot.

It seems Ellaria Sand has invited Lady Tyrell to Dorne. One of Ellaria’s mouthy daughters speaks, and the Old Lady tells her that she looks like an angry boy…


Tyrell questions why she’s been summoned and Ellaria tells her they can be allies.

The old lady retorts that her son, granddaughter, and grandson are all dead and that she wants more than just survival. Ellaria rings a bell and tells her that they will support her the way she wants: VENGEANCE!

Now we see where Lord Varys went off to! The bell summons him to extend alliance with the Dragon Queen!

Back at Meereen, Khaleesi is telling her boytoy to stay behind with the Second Sons while she fights the war.

Daario Naharis says he loves her and wants to go, but she breaks his heart. He must stay at Slavers Bay, to be called Bay of Dragons from this point forward. He cannot go because Khaleesi must find a powerful ally husband, something she can’t do with a lover on her side.

Next she goes to talk with Tyrion, presenting him with a pin that signifies him as Hand of the Queen. He kneels before Khaleesi…

Back to Riverrun and we find Walder Frey in his banquet room all alone. That smiling girl brings him pie. He complains that his sons are supposed to be there, but Black Walder and Lothar are nowhere to be found? She replies but they are here!


She points to the pie and as Walder peels back the crust you see human remains. She’s killed them and put them in this pie, but who is this pretty young girl that kept smiling at Jamie? She reaches up to her chin, grabs her skin, and pulls off her face! It’s ARYA STARK!


Sansa is alone at one of those big beautiful trees that line Winterfell.

Petyr comes upon her and after speaking momentarily he tries to kiss her. She puts her hand up to stop him and then walks away.

At a similar tree we see Benjen Stark, who says that’s as far as he can go, leaving Bran and Meera to make their way to Winterfell without him. He says the GREAT WAR is coming and he has to go fight. PLUS the walls that protect have spells to keep out the dead!

Inside Winterfell there’s a big meeting with Jon Snow & Sansa.

Some of the soldiers want the Wildings to leave now and Snow reminds them the Wildings fought together and succeeded, and that the fight is not over yet. Nobody speaks up until the feisty little Lady Mormont stands up and calls the others out on why they ought be loyal to the Starks.

Soon the crowd names Jon the WHITE WOLF and chants “King of the North.” Petyr Baelish is in a corner sulking and for a moment his eyes lock with Sansa.

Jamie Lannister and Bronn are almost home when they see part of King’s Landing on fire. They are just in time to see Cersei take the throne as she is pronounced Queen!

In the final moments, we are shown a glimpse of the players in the war to come between two powerful Queens.

Khaleesi’s army has half of the series characters, I believe! The beautiful Dragon Queen is crossing the water with 100s of ships. Unsullied. Freed slaves. Iron born. Who could forget the savage Dothrakis!

Lord Varys’s contribution of the brutal women of Dorne PLUS the angry Lady Tyrell and all her money, tells us that the Lannisters may not LIVE past next season, without a miracle happening!

Goodbye until then!