HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a cliffhanger moment at the end of Friday’s episode of “General Hospital.” Yes, Dr. Silas Clay aka Michael Easton is DEAD! So who was the guilty party, none other than Nina Clay? Well, not so fast. The writing for Silas could be seen for the past few weeks. He became heavily entangled in a major storyline, he hasn’t had a romance since Sam and he knew way too many secrets.

He kidnapped baby Avery, he helped Ava survive near death and was well aware that Denise was no sibling to Ava. Not only did he have that information, but he caught Franco snooping in his father’s office and caught Ava and Morgan getting hot and heavy. So what would Silas do with that information? He confronted Ava and decided to blow her secret to the canaries.

Morgan was petrified after already confessing to Silas he had no intention of betraying Kiki again. So who was the one that placed the knife in Silas’ back? Even though Nina had every reason to get back at her ex for setting her up, it’s way too easy to place the target on her. It’s Morgan, Ava, Ric or Madeleine. I mean Ric and Madeleine having been secretly canoodling for weeks, and Franco made it crystal clear he knows what his possible mother-in-law has been up to.

Fans should expect the mystery to be solved anytime soon, if anything clues might begin to surface around November sweeps. Laura was fuming mad when she discovered that her son Nikolas and her ex daughter-in-law Elizabeth were keeping the truth about Jake’s true identity. I still cannot fathom what Laura gains by keeping this secret?

Hello, he’s a Cassadine; trust me, if he is arrested, Helena will find a way to rescue her beloved grandson. Liz better start preparing for her world to come crashing down because when it does it will be epic beyond epic, similar to that confrontation she had with Lucky when he discovered she was sleeping with his brother.

Gosh, I was so happy to see Nathan deliver a one-two punch to Ric about his duplicity involving his sister. Ric is a sneaky rascal, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do his best to get Madeleine try to cozy up to her ‘son’ to deflect from the issue at hand. With Nina being no guilty party in Silas’ murder, expect Franco to unleash wholly hell to discover the truth, but how will he break the news to Kiki?

The writers really need to ramp up a storyline for Julian Jerome because he seems to not be doing much besides canoodling with Alexis, who isn’t doing much either. The good news of the week was the revelation that Hayden Barnes has awaken from her coma. The bad news is she doesn’t recall any of the details on Jake’s true identity. Jake and Patrick believe the fellow con artist, Sam, not so much. She knows Hayden holds vital information, and I suspect Hayden is playing dumb to protect herself from catching another bullet; this time it could be fatal.

The irony will be the look on the faces of Liz and Nikolas when they learn someone who they can’t blackmail about Jake’s true identity is looking to take each of them down a notch. I mean Hayden is a firecracker and one would kill to see her stick it to Elizabeth who rides on her white horse all the time. Apologies, I hate those self-righteous characters who act as they can do no wrong.

With a murder mystery on the horizon, and an identity crisis at the forefront, “General Hospital” seems to be rebounding well from the departure of icon Luke Spencer. Oh, did I mention Kristina Davis aka Sonny’s eldest daughter is returning to the canvas? “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.