HOLLYWOOD—We have not talked about the ramblings in Port Charles on the ABC soap “General Hospital” in quite some time. However, it’s time to chat a bit people. Last we talked; Sam lost it and shot Sonny in a delusional state of mind. After weeks of wondering, Sam was finally diagnosed, but to be honest I don’t think any viewers care about the diagnosis. We are concerned with rather the truth about Sonny’s shooting will ever come to light.

Sonny is recovering well, but the audience is well aware that he knows Sam is responsible for pulling the trigger and putting him in a hospital bed. Sonny has hinted on occasion that Sam is the culprit, but each time he attempts to spill the beans, of course, someone interrupts the important conversation. Carly is still wondering who shot Sonny, and even with Oscar and Joss coming clean to the authorities, she still hasn’t put the pieces to the puzzle together.

Carly has great intuition people, but she’s so close to discovering the truth and you scream at the screen each time she gets close to the big revelation. Dante is working hard on the case. Jason is working overtime to clean up any evidence, so much as getting rid of the gun that Sam used to shoot Sonny. However, after a few weeks of keeping mum, Sam dropped the bomb on Carly whose reaction said it all America. She was livid that Sonny and Jason both knew and failed to divulge the truth to her.

There is plenty more transpiring in PC people, a romance is brewing between Griffin and Ava! Yes, this one is a bit of a shock, but it was always apparent when Ava was seriously burned Griffin was the only person to show her a level of compassion. I’m guessing I’m still stunned Ava didn’t fully pay for her crimes, but I’m guessing being scared for life is something that will haunt her forever. Well, that may not be the case if Valentin Cassadine has his way.

Yup, the villain who has no remorse wants to help Ava, but I’m certain that it will come at a cost America. Making the situation worse, is the revelation that Kiki and Dillion are likely to be no more. Why? Actor Robert Palmer Watkins is leaving the soap, so either something crazy is happening in the coming weeks, or Kiki will develop a relationship with a fresh new face America.

Another hot button story to discuss is the return of Franco to PC, who was MIA for quite some time. He’s rekindling his romance with Liz, whose appearance on the soap was nearly non-existent the past few weeks. He is already picking up on hints that Dr. Liesl Obrecht played a role in Hayden’s sudden disappearance, just as he attempts to rid himself of his dark past. In that process, Franco finds himself linking up yet again with Ava Jerome. Yeah, those two have a contentious relationship, especially considering that she lied about Kiki being his daughter.

Finn is not ready to give up on his bride, who left him at the altar and is preggers with his child. I mean “GH” rumors circulated that Hayden would meet a grisly demise, but that doesn’t seem to be the case or at least not right at the moment. Which raises eyebrows as to what will transpire with Obrecht? Will she get caught by Finn and face a fate more horrific than she ever imagined? Time will indeed tell people. However, the biggest plot point worth discussing is the return of Steve Burton to the soap.

Rumor has it he isn’t portraying a Jason doppelganger. So I’m expecting Burton’s arrival to transpire in the coming weeks to coincide with November sweeps. Wouldn’t it be great if Burton came to town as an adversary to Sonny and Julian Jerome? Just imagine watching two enemies having to become allies? Great TV people, great TV.