UNITED STATES─Wow, that is the only thing I can say because it seems like time flies during the fall. I mean it was like one minute ago we were just celebrating Halloween, and in less than a few days Christmas will be upon us. Yes, time flies when you least expect it or better yet, time flies when you are having fun. Would one argue that spending money is fun? I would argue NO, but it seems when you get into the Christmas spirit, how can you NOT spend money?

I try my best and best on top of my best to keep the few dollars that I have stashed in my wallet and it still seems like an impossible feat. Why? I’m a giver at heart, I don’t know if I can ever stumble into an establishment and not purchase items even if I have everyone on my list already covered. I always attempt to do a little more when and if possible. I know sometimes I shouldn’t, but what can you do, so sue me! Now that I have my list of people that I’ve purchased for taken care of, it’s now time for me to start thinking about wrapping the gifts. This is something that I absolutely and I mean absolutely dread each year.

However, I shouldn’t complain because I tend to do it to myself. You might say, how so? Well I purchase gifts starting in September and just stuff those items into my closet until I can’t stuff the closet anymore. Now, I’m going to have to unload that closet and begin to sort thru all the items that I purchased. I don’t hate wrapping because I’m a bad wrapper, to be honest, I’m quite the wrapper to say the least, it’s the fact that it is tedious and time consuming.

The one caveat is it’s my time to relax and have a peace of mind. I bring all my items down onto the basement table, I organize by person in separate bags and I go to town boxing and bagging items until I’m completely done with them all. I put on some Christmas music and just like that I’m in my Christmas mood. I don’t know what it is about this holiday that in my opinion seems to bring the best out of people. People are a lot more giving, people tend to be generous, we see the good in all this bad, shall I continue?

You get this burst of excitement seeing the face on your loved one or significant other when they open a present they didn’t expect or perhaps they did expect, but never expected the item that they wanted to be in that box or gift bag. I love to see people happy, I’m not going to say I’m a people pleaser, I think it comes to the realm of being an Aquarius. We are INDEED GIVERS BY HEART, but do not take our giving spirit for granted. You cross us and we can hold a grudge unlike any other.

I love the notion of having that big family dinner on Christmas Day or on Christmas Eve, or better yet, I love the thought of dropping off gifts to all my nieces and nephews and seeing the surprise looks on their face seeing they got some items that they did not expect to say the least. I will admit if you have NOT started your Christmas shopping, waiting till the last minute might not be the best idea. How so? Do you have patience driving? Do you like the thought of driving around for 30 minutes to find a parking spot?

That is what you will endure if you are doing any Christmas shopping in the final days before Christmas dawns upon us. I use to have the patience to wait in lines, but not anymore, I guess the older you get the more your patience wanes. You know this might sound silly, but I don’t even think it has anything to do with waiting in line, its people doing stupid things WHILE they wait in line.

Not having money ready, wanting to check a price, talking on the phone, having long extensive conversations with the employee, knowing others are waiting in line? Would you like me to continue because I’m certain plenty of you feel my pain, so I’m just highlighting a few things of relevance that I know we can all bond over. I just want to make things clear that just because there is chaos right now, there is always a silver lining in the midst of all the mayhem. Rather its eating good food, baking cookies with cookies, wrapping gifts, shopping with family, giving gifts there is something you can find to smile about.

Written By Zoe Mitchell