SANTA MONICA—Jacqui Knapp is the face behind Get It Moving LA and Knapp House Management. She grew up in the fashion business in Los Angeles. In her 20s, she shifted her talents to show business, where she started painting sets and worked her way up to producing feature films and shows for TV networks.

In 2005, Knapp’s mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer, which resulted in her placing her career on hold to take care of her for the following year and a half. In addition to her cancer battle, during that time Jacqui helped her mom through the death of both her sister and fiancé, selling her house, and moving her into a new home.

Jacqui Knapp working inside a phone.
Photo courtesy of Brandy Menefee.

Through that experience and after speaking to numerous real estate agents, she realized there was a real need for a concierge-type service that offers expertise and support to people relocating under any circumstances.

As a film & TV producer, Jacqui worked in high-stress environments where she was expected to multi-task and make the impossible possible. It trained her well, but wasn’t fulfilling. She really wanted to bring her producing skills to help families in need. In 2011, she decided to leave show business and start Get It Moving! Jacqui managed to build a business where she not only organizes and relocates people in Los Angeles — but help move and set up clients all over the country.

The feedback has been incredible. My clients say things like, “You’ve saved my life.” I really haven’t — but I know they feel a huge sense of relief when they have me to coordinate all the moving parts with attention to detail and follow-through.

I absolutely love what I do and the unique service I provide my clients.

Jacqui Knapp working inside a home.
Photo courtesy of Brandy Menefee.

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Reinventing oneself is very challenging. I wanted to master my craft immediately. I had to learn to be patient with myself and others — everyone has their own process & timeline.

One of the biggest challenges has been learning to manage expectations — mine, yours, and the reality.

Through years of producing people’s lives, I’ve learned to not take things personally, and that I cannot fix EVERYTHING.

Each client and job is a different experience, but by my fifth year in business, it all started to fall into place!

About your Business
GET IT MOVING! is a full-service concierge company providing professional organizing & relocation services for busy families who need white glove attention.

My team and I de-clutter & organize the environment by designing easy & accessible systems to assure a clean and manageable space. We specialize in space design, functionality. We love being part of the transformation and get such joy when our clients are happy.

We oversee both large & small moves, handling every detail from prep to finish. We pride ourselves on catering to each of our clients’ needs with efficiency & strict attention to detail.

We are big proponents and encourage our clients not to wait until it’s too late and have a digital backup of all things important. That’s our specialty!

I’m a member of — National Association of Professional Organizers — which I joined to further my education & align with others in my field around the world. I am currently incorporating home/estate management to the GET IT MOVING! roster.

I am most proud of my ability to work with all types of clientele, having their best interests first and foremost, and being part of their transformation. Because of their trust, they refer me to family & friends — so I now have a huge network of incredible clients that I am so grateful for.

What were you like growing up?
I was a very creative and rebellious child driven by color and music. As a kid I was fortunate to travel and to be exposed to many cultures I was always fascinated with architecture and fashion that was classic and different.

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Written By Brandy Menefee