HOLLYWOOD—This week marked the mid-seasonpenultimate episode for season six of “The Walking Dead.” So would more names be added to the body count for the season? Would audiences get that decisive answer on whether Glenn is indeed gone? Well the latest episode, “Heads Up,” provided some well-needed answers!

He’s ALIVE! Glenn managed to slide underneath that dumpster as it was Nikolas who was torn apart by the walkers. Whoa, that was a shocker to say the least. Our fearless one remained under the dumpster until he suspected that it was safe to escape. Ok, for the writers to be able to pull off such a shock in a way that makes complete sense is beyond stunning. Glenn definitely looked like a goner nearly 4 episodes ago.

Fans can rest assured, Maggie will be reunited with her lover, and he’ll get the news that he’ll soon be a daddy. Surprise, surprise, it was Enid who provided Glenn with water to ensure his survival, but she remained coy about explaining precisely what happened back in Alexandria.

Back at camp, Morgan and Rick crossed paths, as Rick realized the gates protecting the community would only hold for so long. Maggie prayed that Glenn would return to her, just as Rick did his best to assure her that everything will be okay. Rick choose to show Carl’s new pal how to fire a gun, as it became apparent the importance of knowing how to survive during an apocalypse.

Rick, Carl and Michionne confronted Morgan by allowing members of ‘The Wolves’ clan to escape. Morgan turned the tables on Rick by asking why he didn’t kill him during their first encounter way, way back in season one. Looks like Rick is still interested in only rescuing his own crew, no one else, but Michionne did her best to force Rick to look into the mirror. Rosita finally lit a fire into Eugene who has seen many perish before him because of his fear to fight to survive. Even after her pep talk, he just sobbed like a big ole baby.

Enid nearly became walker food, but Glenn rescued her in a nick of time, and took on the role of adult, but Enid decided to pull a gun on Glenn. What the hell is wrong with this girl? She is fighting all the forces surrounding her who are doing their best to save her. Rick began working feverishly to ensure the structure on the wall into Alexandria didn’t fall apart, and to his surprise he got some assistance from fellow residents.

It sure looks like Enid knows how to survive on her own, as Glenn simply watched in awe as the two made their way back to Alexandria. Glenn used a bit of wisdom in hopes of getting Enid to see the light in the darkness of the tunnel, but it was apparent she didn’t want to see it.

Carl’s buddy decided to steal a few bullets, which means something bad is about to erupt once again in Alexandria. Both Enid and Glenn were horrified to come face-to-face with a massive horde of walkers standing in front of the gates of Alexandria. Just as Enid planned to run, Glenn instilled hope in her to fight to survive. Rick went into panic mode when he saw Spencer attempt to cross to the other side, but his rope was slowly slipping as he fell to the ground and nearly became dinner for the walkers, but everyone worked together to ensure his survival.

Rick lashed out at Tara for helping rescue Spencer, which only angered Michionne even more in my opinion. Rick’s authority is starting to become a bit overrated. Has he forgotten that some of his mistakes cost quite a few people their lives? It became apparent Morgan was seeking medicine to help an enemy not himself. Wow, this guy might be setting the stage for his own demise, which prompted Carol to follow his every move.

To see Morgan place the town’s newest doctor in such a situation is alarming to say the least. Sam responded when he realized that Carol was in the midst of his presence, and she confronted Morgan about his duplicity. Carl was about to find himself immersed in a heated fight to survive when Jessie’s hotheaded son decided to follow him with a loaded gun. Rick started to realize that it’s ok to help those beyond his group.

Maggie shed tears of joy when she realized that Glenn is alive, but all hell broke loose when the tower tumbled breaking the wall and allowing the walkers to descend into Alexandria. Things are not looking good for Rick and the others. Next week’s mid-season finale looks intense. Start making predictions as to who will survive and who will perish as a battle of unspeakable proportions is about to be unleashed. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!