UNITED STATES—The CDC has reported that last year’s flu season was the deadliest in 40 years. I am sure you already heard this on just about every media station who blindly reports it every few hours ending the segment with, “Go get your flu shot, today.”

So the average person gets nervous, runs to their nearest doctor or give aways to get a flu shot. Most will boast, but they are free. Others will say it is required by their employer or the hospital or school they volunteer at, etc. I am sure you have seen a “Flu Shots Give Here” sign at just about every pharmacy in America. Everyone is in a panic to get their flu shot.

However, no one tells you the flip side.

All these media outlets are getting pushed by highly paid publicists begging for the publicity for their client (the pharmaceutical companies in most cases). They all report the exact same thing. If you watch both Fox News and CNN, the only time you will see them agree or have a similar segment is when it is pharmaceutical related.

Those signs you see at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and just about every other place that sell aspirin are paid for. Why would they advertise so aggressively unless they were trying to sell it, or push it. Something that works well does not need advertisements. Word of mouth and demonstration that the flu shot would work years ago would have carried over to 2018.

They won’t tell you that more flu shots were administered last year than any year in over four decades. So if the flu shot works, why were there more deaths last year than any other year?

Furthermore, they won’t let you know that this is a trillion dollar competitive highly advertised business that makes one field dirty rich…the pharmaceutical companies.

They won’t tell you about the side effects, as most people either get sick from the flu shot, and spread it, or they suffer a reaction to getting the flu shot.

This continues to benefit the same businesses that put out the flu shot because once you are sick, you go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Therefore, its a double whammy for them.

When you go get a flu shot, you are getting the flu. You are spreading the flu. Passing the panic along. You are endangering your loved ones.

The flu shot is the biggest con that our government supports in America and abroad. Do you really want to poison your body and your loved ones?

Think twice before injecting that poison into your body.