HOLLYWOOD—I love a great mystery and I haven’t missed an episode of “Gracepoint” since it premiered in October. I have been eagerly beating my mind to try to figure out just who was responsible for the murder of Danny Solano?

I did get a few theories at the end of episode nine. The biggest being that perhaps Detective Miller’s husband had something to due with Danny’s murder. Why do you ask? That cryptic message she delivered to Susan, “How did you not know in your own house?”

Things started to make sense. Her son was very close friends with Danny, he went missing suddenly, he’s been quite distant with the fact that his mother has been absent (i.e. crying for her to help him); her son destroyed his computer, and that last scene she shared with her husband asking what “he did all day.”

I was dead on, slightly. I’ll explain later. With time not on his side, Detective Carver was determined to catch Danny’s killer before it was too late. This led to him questioning Tom and Joe. The interrogation scene revealed all. Tom’s quick glances to his father for certainty placed the target directly on Joe as the culprit. When Danny’s cell turned on, it was apparent Detective Carver knew the killer was asking to be caught and came face-to-face with Joe. He later revealed all, which left Carver reeling as he knew he had to break the news to his colleague.

The audience soon discovered Joe was having an inappropriate relationship with Danny that eventually led to his death, when Danny struck his head on a rock. Well that was part of the story. When Carver revealed the news to Ellie, she nearly lost it. She went AWOL on her hubby when she confronted him in the holding room.  She was now forced to deal with the repercussions that Susan felt; how could she not know what her husband was doing?

To make matters worse, the audience was left with the possibility that Tom and his brother could have been a victim of their father’s criminal ways. Thankfully, the answer to that question was no, but Tom was still acting erratic, which meant there was more to the story.

A flashback showed Tom following his father to meet Danny. When he discovered what his father was up to, he attempted to protect Danny, but accidently whacked him in the head with a paddle stick killing him. Yep, Joe took the fall to protect his son from a murder rap. It was quite noble, but the aftermath of Danny’s death was indeed haunting Tom.

The Solano clan was relieved to know that Danny’s killer was caught, but were none too pleased to realize that the culprit was one of their good friends and neighbors. Mark did everything in his power to unleash his rage on Joe, while Beth was unable to look Ellie in the face; she was disgusted that her friend had no idea what her husband had been doing. I guess that is a possible effect some would argue to working too much and not paying attention.

As much as we all wanted to think the finale was a study in the aftermath of a death on a little town, it was more about Ellie, Emmett, Tom and Joe. With the truth out in the open, what impact would this have on Ellie? Her days as a detective were numbered, and no she had to deal with the pressure that her son is a killer. She was keeping her family intact the best way she knew how.

There was one slight problem, Detective Carver realized after taking a second glance at his phone, the recording he had of Tom and Joe being interrogated revealed a haunting truth: Joe didn’t kill Danny, Tom did!  With that piece of evidence, what would Carver do? He contacted Ellie, who just let the phone ring. With that the stage was set what would have been a wicked second season, but FOX has already announced no second chapter will take place in the “Gracepoint” saga.

It’s quite unfortunate because the series has plenty of nuances of a great mystery and for those of us that had not seen the BBC original; it was a thrill a minute to watch. There lies the problem with a remake, unless you deviate greatly from the original it becomes nearly impossible to hook an audience to appreciate.