HOLLYWOOD—As each episode progresses I have become more and more attuned to the OWN series “Greenleaf.” It’s something rarely seen in the TV world that tackles the world of religion, church and the African-American family. I’m a firm believer that those who praise all things holy can be some of the biggest hypocrites America. I mean I have seen people go to church on Sunday and flat out lie to the core on Tuesday. They’re not always saints and “Greenleaf” shows that side in a way that is dramatic and promising.

The first half of the second season really caught my interest after finally seeing Mac pay the price for his sick and twisted behavior of carrying on relations with underage girls. That fight between Grace and Mac was beyond scary. I was watching that scene on the edge of my seat wondering if Grace would suffer significant harm and if Mac would survive.

The second half of the season picked up precisely where that cliffhanger left off, with Grace being treated for her injuries and Mac being pronounced dead after grace stabbed him with that shard of glass before he choked her to death. The fact that Grace is under investigation for Mac’s murder is just stunning to me. This guy was a pervert and sexual predator; after getting away with causing so much physical and mental harm to so many individuals, including Grace’s sister, I’d argue he got what he deserved.

I even found myself surprised to see Lady Mae finally acknowledge that she does indeed have feelings for her daughter. I mean the tension between Grace and Lady Mae is unbearable at times; as a viewer it’s no secret there is contempt between the two women. Grace blames her mother for her sister’s death, and Lady Mae blames Grace for their Greenleaf family falling apart. Yes, Mac was her brother and she deserves to mourn, but I think even she knows her brother had it coming.

In other madness, Kerissa and Jacob are standing their ground in starting their own ministry and going against the wishes of the family. I mean Jacob has to be his own man, and it’s apparent that his father fails to see that. He never saw his son stepping into his shoes, and because of that Jacob is making his own path. I mean it is interesting to see him host church in a parking lot across from Calvary Fellowship. That is the one thing I will argue, Bishop is a very flawed character and as a viewer you get to see his constant struggles and battles; in no way is this guy a one-note character.

Kevin was in a place of confusion after sleeping with Aaron, and for the life of me, I have the inkling that Lady Mae and Aaron are much closer than we think. My suspicion tells me that Aaron might be her son. The fact that she was adamant about him staying in town when it was evident he was ready to leave screamed wonders in my opinion.’ Charity finally blurted to the family that Kevin is gay, and it seems she is not happy that her former husband has gone MIA, leaving her to care for their son, while she works to juggle her church duties and aspiring music career.

Another plot point I’m looking to see explode in coming weeks is the relationship between Zora and Isaiah. It is apparent Isaiah has a bit of a temper, and I get the sense that Zora will relink with Isaiah even though Sophia is adamant she should stay away. I’m thinking the writers could be taking the show in the direction of exploring an abusive relationship between Zora and Isaiah, especially after those threats he made against her during his recording session.

The second half of the season hasn’t teased much, but viewers know that Bishop and Lady Mae’s marriage will be tested, Bessie will be out for vengeance and Grace will find herself taking on the role of leader in her family, one she never wanted. “Greenleaf” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.