HOLLYWOOD—At the end of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” Justin did the unthinkable by clocking Madison with a crowbar. This week’s episode, ‘A Good Man’ picked up where last week left off with Justin proving he’s obsessive and crazy. David returned back home, with Jeffery worried about his father’s mental state. David looked through Erica’s book and it looks like David has finally crossed over to the dark side.

Justin was on the verge of being busted, but proved his violent tendencies are uncontrollable as he beat up another rent-a-cop before fleeing the scene. Sarah left the Cryer abode, but after she received a call from George threatening her to get access to those bullets or she’s going down in flames. Charles was fed up with Candace and her antics and he was adamant about Candace getting out of the car. This prompted Landon to intervene; this should be interesting.

Benjamin returned home, where Hanna was worried about her son’s safety, just as Mitch planned to return that money to his family. What, Hanna was ready to take her relationship to the next level with Derrick by having him stay the night in her bed, but no funny business. Madison looks like he’ll recover, just as Madison seemed to play into Justin’s hands with the app that he downloaded to his pal. Jim was not pleased to see Sarah at his home, as she disclosed that she refused to go to jail, and she wanted the bullets. Sarah tried to seduce Jim, but he was not interested to say the least bit.

Unfortunately, their shindig was interrupted by Katheryn who was a threatening presence to say the least. Jim and Katheryn are great actors, and much smarter than people think. And to think that Wyatt fled the property, he was in the back of Sarah’s trunk all along; Wyatt might not be too bright either, but he’s very cunning to say the least America. Panic ensued when Katheryn and Jim realized that Wyatt was not inside the home.

Candace was frustrated with Charles and ready to pull the plug, just as Landon tried to talk some sense into her former pal. Candace immediately pegged that Landon is in love with Charles. Seeing Charles spy on the conversation was a jaw-dropper: does he know Landon is in love with him. Candace questioned him about his sexuality. He read Candace look a book, and she did not like it one bit.

Jeffery returned to the hospital looking for Madison, and he learned that Madison was mugged. Jeffery open your eyes, Justin cannot be controlled. Candace was returning to her roots, but little did she know that Broderick and Rocky were only acting nice to screw her in the long run. Broderick spilled the tea that Katheryn knows all about their prostitution ring. The flirting between Hanna and Derrick is cute, but something mysterious is still there with Derrick people.

Leslie continued to want to play house with Veronica, who was too drunk to realize her sins from the past are about to come back to roost. Veronica decided to call David and got the shock of her life, when he issued an imminent threat and he had proof to back up his theory. Veronica taunted David who only got angrier by the minute. The Ice Queen was shattered and she seriously seemed scared out her boots for the first ever, does she know something about David that the rest of America doesn’t.

Next week, things get interesting between David and Veronica, and with the season heading in the direction it appears a major player might meet the Grim Reaper. The question that remains is who? Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!