HOLLYWOOD—The big confrontation fans had been waiting for on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” after Benny learned that Derrick was the guy who raped his mother when she was a teen finally came to fruition. This week’s episode, ‘A Sixth Sense’ allowed the audience to witness all of that fallout in real time. It would be nice to knock Benny off his pedestal once or twice, the guy really thinks he’s unstoppable and the big bad wolf who can knock anyone and anything down.

Benny demanded answers from Derrick and things got heated real quick; as a son I would feel the same way if such a thing transpired to my mother. Derrick seemed like he was real scared people, and once Benny got the confirmation from Derrick his fury was unleashed. Benny wanted a fight, but Derrick refused to fight him. Colby continued to share embarrassing stories about Madison with Jeffery that made the nurse more than uncomfortable. This Colby character is one of the best introductions to the series in years America, hilarious, shady and just a bunch of fun.

Colby showed a bit of a softer side, but pushed Jeffery to get Madison to open up more to him. Colby shared some tea about Veronica Harrington, and it riled up his blood. He wanted a bit of vengeance, but Jeffery warned him to stay away from the Ice Queen, but he was not scared to say the least. Jeffery and Colby you’re playing with fire and you’re going to get burned. I must admit that Laura does look a bit like Veronica with the clothes and hair. Her husband warned Laura to be careful and to heed Derrick’s warning that the Ice Queen cannot be trusted. Veronica interrupted their little kiss catching both off guard in the process.

Benny continued to huff and puff, as he begged to speak to his mother about Derrick and he acknowledged that he beat him up. Hanna refused to acknowledge the situation, but I’m still wondering if Benny connected the dots to realize that Derrick is Candace’s father? As I alluded to last week, Al looks like the new potential love interest for Hanna. I wonder how Derrick will feel about things. Landon was in a cheery mood as he made moves to help Charles with Candace Young. Oliver was busy warning Landon to steer clear of Candace unaware that Charles was in the room next door listening to everything that Oli had to say about Candace behind his back. Landon tried to reason with Oliver about things that he doesn’t fully understand. Yeah to say that Oliver got caught with his tongue twisted was an understatement.

Charles laid down the hammer and caused Oli to shake in his boots, woo, that was fun as hell to witness. Oliver was not pleased to say the least and I can see him going to war with Landon. Jeffery met more of Colby’s pals who were ready to partake in getting a bit of revenge, I’m scared for the blowback America. Back at the Iron Bone bar, Sandi chatted with Vinny about his girlfriend messing around with another guy. Hmm, why do I think he suspects that guy is Benny, but it’s not like that, at least not yet? Vinny was annoyed when Sandi traded barbs about Wyatt nearly killing him and dusting it off as if it was just a joke. Hmm, Sandi ain’t so tough is he people?

Landon received Intel from his source about Oliver working with a mercenary from Australia, who is working with Jim Cryer who is watching Veronica Harrington. Um, Landon you might be dabbling in some very dicey waters. Landon learned that Oliver has a cocaine problem and it looked like he has the information he needs to neutralize a major threat. Connect the dots Landon, connect the dots so the audience can know exactly what Oliver is up to and for us to finally discover WHO is Oli’s dad.

Getting back to the big moment of the episode, Colby, Jeffery and pals arrived at the Ice Queen’s home and got butt a** naked in the pool of the woman whose level of homophobia is unlike anything ever seen. With chaos behind the scenes, Veronica recalled happy and tumultuous moments in her marriage. Something is being teased here and I’m wondering what. Colby tried to get acquainted with the pool boy, but it was apparent that he was about to rate out the plan.

When Veronica discovered what was going on in her pool, she lost it, Colby pressed her buttons in ways that not even Jeffery could do. He sat back worried to death at what was about to transpire. Veronica went back inside grabbed her gun and was ready to unleash wholly hell. Next week looks fun, as the penultimate episode before the big finale comes to the forefront. The stage is being set for an explosive end and I cannot wait until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!