HOLLYWOOD—Last week confirmed a crucial piece of Intel, Candace Young is the most powerful player right now on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” When we last left off, Hanna was stunned to see her daughter hand-in-hand with the future President of the United States. This week’s episode, ‘Battle for the Past,’ saw mother and daughter trade spars yet again. Charles had his minions ready to do whatever Candace asked, but Hanna made her presence well known.

Hanna wanted all the tea on Charles and Candace’s relationship, but she could tell that her daughter was spinning another web of lies. Man, this is juicy good. Candace was rubbing Hanna the wrong way tossing Quincy Jr.’s death in her face. Hanna made it clear that Charles aligning with Candace would result in the downfall of his political career. Landon attempted to diffuse a bomb, but it was a no go.

Veronica was none too pleased with her maid, and gosh this woman was driving me crazy. Do you want a drink or do you want the door to be answered? Veronica was stunned to learn that her mark was not able to get to Jeffery because the secret service was all over the place. Yeah, Leslie was irking Veronica because the kid just doesn’t know how the word ‘NO’ actually works. Jim was up to his old antics yet again, this time he was surprised to see Katheryn indulging in a threesome. Looks like Jim was finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

Jim alerted Katheryn that his mole alerted him that the DA busted her for giving him evidence involving Jennifer Sallison’s murder. Our matriarch didn’t have a care in the world and it was apparent that Jim was wired to the core about the latest predicament. Broderick was still scheming, but Jim had other plans for the guys sleeping with his wife. Stay clear of Katheryn Cryer otherwise bad things will transpire.

I was wondering when Justin would turn back up, he arrived at the hospital to question Jeffery about his whereabouts, with Madison getting the evil glare. Justin has made threats, but this was the first time the audience saw Justin do what we all predicted: he got violent! He grabbed Jeffery by the throat, before going into full-blown brawl mode. That was vicious because Justin placed a beating on Jeffery and Madison warned his friend that Justin is dangerous; HE IS! I see a fatal attraction scenario people.

The tension between Candace and Hanna is so tense it could cause knives to explode. Well, we have good news, Benny will survive after all. The way things were presented it looked like Benny was a goner, but Mitch was stunned when he learned that he was stabbed and not shot. Ok, so this forces me to think that Mitch’s family did not attack him. This is indeed an interesting twist because was this a random attack or something perpetuated by Veronica Harrington people!

The Young clan was happy to hear that Benny will make a full recovery. Hanna was willing to allow her son to return to her abode, even though everyone wanted him to stay at the hospital. Madison examined Jeffery, where he learned a bit of truth about Justin and their relationship. A restraining order was mentioned, but it seems Jeffery is in a deep denial. When Jeffery learned that Madison was in a similar situation it stunned him to say the least.

Back at the Cryer mansion, Sarah was patiently waiting to hear from Jim, which Wyatt instantly picked up on. Jeffrey dropped a bomb on David revealing that Veronica fell off a bannister at the home. Jeffery revealed that Erica was working with Candace and Veronica to take him down. Yes, David you just got conned, it doesn’t feel good does it. David was livid; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this mad. He had Jeffery contact Candace to get confirmation on her role in this convoluted plan. David was ready to leave the hospital and arranged for Madison to be his nurse to care for his burns. This will present a major problem for Justin, who will not be able to get close to Jeffery.

Wyatt was hell bent on escaping, and finally made a move for it. The final moments of the episode presented a very stunning revelation: Madison’s vehicle was destroyed and Jeffery learned that it was Justin who committed the deed. Jeffrey begged Madison to stay on the phone with him, but he refused, and Justin clocked him in the head with a crowbar. Fatal attraction people, fatal attraction! Next week looks like a good one with David ready to go to war with Veronica, Wyatt is amuck and Candace starts to question Charles’ sexuality. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!