HOLLYWOOD—Things ended on a cliffhanger with Vinny firing a shot at Wyatt on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Counting the Costs’ picked up precisely where things left off last week with audiences finding out if Wyatt is still alive or dead. As expected, Wyatt dodged the bullet as Vinny continued to push Sandi to embrace his dark side, but he was frustrated with his nephew. Wyatt started to spill his guts to Vinny about his escape from prison and his desperate need to get a fix.

It was intriguing to see Candace contact Mitch of all people to chat. We all know Mitch was interested in Candace, but could we see this two become an item? Landon had a chat Senator Westlake about his duties for Charles, and seemed to insinuate that he knows that Landon might be ‘interested’ in Charles. This senator is quite annoying to say the least, and him puffing out his chest, and going against Charles’ wishes to poke his nose in his love life can cause problems.

Veronica Harrington is one thirsty woman. As soon as she sees a hot guy, she immediately pounces on him. I mean she probably has no idea that this guy is focused on conning her. He professed his love for Laura, just as the Ice Queen probed about his devotion to his wife. She wanted him desperately and he pushed those advances away, but I must admit the acting from the actor was not the strongest America. Candace probed Mitch about what he said to divert Benny from digging into Derrick’s past.

So the conversation returns back to Charles Fredrickson, Mr. President. She let her guard down and admitted that she was in love with him. Who would have expected Mitch to be the man of logic and toss a bit of wisdom in Candace’s direction? So Jeffrey was surprised to come face-to-face with a random guy who entered Madison’s apartment naked. Hmm, you learn something new about people each day, and let’s just say this was a major red flag for Jeffery. Oh, this interaction was hilarious people and I mean hilarious, hands down the moment of the episode.

David provided Jim an update on getting his vehicle tracked to locate Wyatt. They discovered that Wyatt is at the Iron Bar, which worried Jim to death. David offered to search for Wyatt considering Jim was in no condition to do so. He learned that Mama Rose disconnected her phone number, yeah, Jim, Mama Rose is out of the game buddy and I think we all know why: Katheryn Cryer. Justin found himself being grilled by his brother about his sexuality and it involved a few slaps in the process.

Wow, so this explains a lot, Justin’s brother forced him to have sex at the age of 6 with a girl who was more than TWICE his age. Yes, there is more emotional baggage behind Justin’s behavior than what the audience ever knew, so this explains a ton people, a ton. David paid a visit to the Iron Bar and asked Sandi if he knew where Wyatt Cryer was. Vinny chatted with Sandi who continued to drown his sorrows. Sandi is NOT the tough guy he claims to be people.

Hanna was busy handling paperwork when she received a visit from Marty, where she informed him Katheryn’s jewelry was taken by her son. Katheryn soon discovered that Wyatt was being treated at the hospital, but escaped and he broke into her home. She begged Kendrick to make a call on her behalf, but was later interrupted by the Chief of Police, where she learned he was on the Malone’s payroll. He threatened Wyatt’s life, but Katheryn refused to cave in to the demands, and she issued threats. Sandi’s girlfriend found herself being harassed by him, and well what do you know, Benny’s new realtor is Sandi’s ex. Uh-oh that cannot be good people, we know how Sandi feels about Black people and to see his ex with Benny of all people will only infuriate him.

The episode culminated with Benny getting a call from Veronica about Derrick, and she gave him all the Intel on Derrick and it looks like all hell is about to break loose. Next week is look chaotic, with Benny puffing his chest to Veronica, Mitch and Derrick of all people. Could this mean Benny finally learns not to be the big tough guy? Well there is no new episode of “The Haves and the Have Nots” next week, the series returns on Tuesday, October 6. Until then America!