HOLLYWOOD—It was the confrontation fans have been eagerly waiting for on Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots:” Veronica Harrington versus Erica! Well, the wait is over, “HAHN” fanatics. This week’s episode, ‘Elevator Seven’ proved that as hateful as Veronica can be, this woman still has a sore spot in her heart for her hubby David. Watching the cattiness explode between Erica and Veronica was riveting television America. David attempted to diffuse the tension, but he was not successful, as three is indeed a crowd in an elevator.

Veronica traded spars, but it was apparent Erica was unnerved by the Ice Queen. David looks to be the target of Veronica’s wrath as she made threats to make his life a living hell. Erica decided to push Veronica’s buttons by kissing David right in front of his wife. Yeah, that totally enraged Veronica, and the two women got into a physical altercation with David caught in the middle. There was plenty of hair grabbing, and verbal madness. Man, this woman is downright crazy, and she delivered an Oscar-worthy performance per usual.

Landon continued to prove that he is the best there is when it comes to running a successful campaign. Charles was arrogant, but Landon brought him down to Earth a bit, which unnerved the presidential candidate to be. It was apparent Landon wanted to have a conversation with Charles about his relationship with Candace Young. Landon threw Candace under the bus big time, just as Charles made it clear that he didn’t care what Landon thought. Landon was not happy to hear that he would have to clean up Candace’s image. Wow, two friends who became foes, might soon become buddies yet again. Looks like a checkmate move you least expected Landon, but that was a dirty move Landon contacting the authorities to report Candace’s whereabouts!

Back at his apartment, Wyatt had a conversation with Anna about dealing with his inner demons. She revealed that she was once an addict and I can already see the sparks exploding between these two: couple alert! Looks like Anna was striking a few chords with Wyatt about his drug use as an attempt to hurt his parents. Jim’s day went from bad to worse, when he received a call from Mama Rose regarding the whereabouts of Warlock. Mama Rose made it clear that she intends to carry through with her plan, even though Jim tried to use leverage to his advantage.

Jim begged for mercy, but Mama Rose decided it was time to send Jim a message that she was not messing around. Hmm, I’m eager to find out just what this mobster has planned for one of the most powerful guys in Savannah, Georgia. Hanna stopped by the police station to get details on Benny being arrested. When Hanna learned her son might be charged for murder, she started to lose composure.

When Justin revealed that Benny was being questioned by the Secret Service, she flipped. Katheryn was alerted of the situation and dropped everything to help her pal in need, just as Benny started to crack, while being questioned by the authorities, he received a pass from one of the agents to get the opportunity to make a phone call. Benny made a call to Mitch to alert him of the situation. Mitch warned Benny that Mama Rose was about to stage a scene at the Artesian Hotel. Agent Davis alluded to the fact that Benny was being setup by someone, but the question of the hour is WHO?

Looks like David and Erica finally did the big deed, just as she got a call from Candace, but it was apparent Candace didn’t want to share her whereabouts. Erica is looking sketchier by the minute people, and even Candace is aware of it. It was apparent Wyatt was on the verge of breaking, but Anna did her best to keep his mind occupied on other things. He propositioned sex, but Anna was able to resist his advances. Things got a bit more personal for Wyatt and Anna as they shared more about their past.

Things continue to get interesting, as Landon and Jeffrey had a conversation at the bar about their sordid past. Landon made advances, but Jeffrey was not interested in hooking up with a former fling. Both pals turned the conversation to their past relationship, and I wonder how Justin will respond to learning about another of Jeffrey’s lovers.

Landon made advances on Jeffrey, who refused, and the interaction between the two escalated when Jeffrey entered his room and found Officer Justin naked in his bed. The final moments of the episode left fans in a tizzy as Mama Rose dumped the body of Jennifer Sallison at a radio station, with a note indicating that she was a victim of Jim Cryer.

Next week looks bonkers, with Jim and David unraveling, Veronica catches Officer Justin in the act, and Hanna, Katheryn and Veronica go toe-to-toe. I finally think I know who is framing Benny, its Charles! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “HAHN” die-hards!