HOLLYWOOD—Viewers have been patient, and after what seems like the longest season ever (which I’m certain is the case), Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended its sixth season on an epic note.  A ton of storylines collided in the episode, ‘Exhausted’ where some of the big baddies, Veronica Harrington and Jim Cryer reaped what they sewed. We picked up where things ended last week with Veronica catching Jeffery in a lip lock with Madison.

Jeffrey discovered that Erica was working with Candace, and Veronica was working with the vixen to take out David Harrington. Once and for all the Ice Queen looks like she might be nailed to the wall. Madison met the viper, who traded spars about his sexuality. Jeffery was livid with his mother who dropped the bomb that David is NOT his father! Whoa, if that is not a lie it’s a major twist I didn’t see coming. The tension between these two is so strong you could slice it with a knife. Jeffery snapped and mother and son tussled (and as I expected) she was tossed over the banister and fell to the floor. Of course we know she’s not dead, but she deserved it to say the least.

At the police station, George was frantic after realizing evidence against Jim Cryer disappeared. Sarah, Sarah, you’re about to be busted. George was stunned to learn his protégé helped Jim Cryer. Benny was in a foul mood after spotting Hanna and Derrick being extra cozy on the couch. Mother and son bickered about the Cryer funds sitting in their bank account, and Benny got a bit disrespectful with his mother. Hanna upset with her son’s actions informed him that she was kicking him out the house.

Interesting development, this is indeed a turning point for the relationship between Hanna and Benny. Jim was jealous to see Katheryn dressed to impress, and Wyatt revealed that his mother was having an affair with Broderick. So this is what jealously looks like from Jim Cryer; he doesn’t like it one bit. Jim decided to push Wyatt’s buttons regarding his sexuality, which Wyatt did not like one bit. Wyatt spied, as Sarah revealed to Jim that the police know she gave him the bullets. He was afraid and revealed that she was wearing a wire and denied any involvement.

Wyatt continued to push Jim’s buttons as our patriarch started to unravel. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Landon wanted an update from Candace on the situation involving Charles. He offered a bit of compassion, and asked when Candace’s demeanor shifted. He posed a question for her to think about her future, and it seemed to get to her head a bit. She was burned by Oscar and that has impacted her guard tremendously. Could Candace become the First Lady? It would be fun to watch to say the least.

Katheryn was none too pleased to discover that she had been conned. Broderick unleashed a fire that he least expected, and as a result he found himself in a trap and it looks like the con just got conned. That is the problem when you mess with powerful people you pay a twisted price. Mitch learned that the hit was still out on Benny which left him rattled. He warned Benny that he was still in major danger and need to stay low otherwise his life was in mortal danger. Yet again, Benny’s pride is going to put him in a dangerous predicament.

Candace decided to have a conversation with Charles where she was vulnerable for once admitting the fear of not being able to control her anger. She admitted that she was tired of the con game, just as Charles shared more Intel about the death of his wife. Candace was afraid of her heart being broken, and Charles promised to be loyal. Awe, this is so cute, Charles is Candace’s knight in shining armor.

However, the question I wanted answered was what cliffhanger would viewers be left with leading into season seven? Well, we got that when Mitch informed Hanna via phone that Benny’s life was in imminent danger. Mitch’s call immediately rattled Hanna, but it may have been too late, as Benny looked like he was shot and bleeding profusely. This does not look good, are you telling me that Benny is dead?

For that to be a season finale, the fact that we got a tease of what is to come totally salivates my interest. Looks like Benny will make it to the hospital, but what remains is unknown. That wraps season six of “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Don’t worry, the series returns January 2019 to kick off season 7!