HOLLYWOOD—Last week we got the 2-hour season premiere for Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week the drama continued with the latest episode, ‘Fine Together’ that witnessed more chaos between the Young, Harrington and Cryer families. Only on this series could a member of the Malone family walk into the police station and shoot an officer and get away with it. Looks like Mama Rose and Katheryn will not be pals anytime soon.

The ladies traded barbs, and it was apparent Katheryn was not afraid of Mama Rose, which was interesting to say the least. Mama Rose wanted a $1 million to square off the debt for Wyatt attempting to murder Vinny. This is quite interesting and it makes it clear that Katheryn might have way more power than people suspect and I’m dying to see her wicked side emerge.

Wyatt continued to be a pest, and managed to steal a pen from a nurse, which he used to break free from his cuffs and escape his hospital room in the process. Might not have been a bad idea considering Mama Rose wants his blood people. Justin stalked Madison all the way to his apartment. What can I say beyond this is not going to end well people. Why? We already know how wickedly evil Justin is and it was apparent that Madison had his guard up, but Justin continued to push and when Jeffery learned that Justin was in Madison’s building it freaked him out. It prompted Jeffery to come to Madison’s aide

Wyatt made his way all the way back home, but could not get inside because all the doors and windows were locked. He kicked the door open causing the alarm to go off and found himself in a dicey pickle where the alarm company alerted the police. Oh, Wyatt, what the hell are you doing? He changed his clothes before making a run for it after grabbing a few pieces of his mother’s jewelry; likely to pawn off to get his hands on some cash.

This stale dialogue between Jeffery and David could have been left on the cutting room floor America. Very little punch and not really going anywhere in the process people. So much for David resisting Alyssa’s advances, perhaps he just needs to get his fix and he’ll be alright, if not, it could be a setup from the Ice Queen, Veronica Harrington people. Hanna and Mitch were concerned when they realized Hanna did not return home, which prompted Benny to question his sister about their mother’s whereabouts. Candace wanted to poke as to where Benny was going, but he was coy of course.

Candace confessed to Mitch that Derrick is her father, and he was the guy who raped her mother. Mitch didn’t seem keen on helping Candace out, but he did so at her bequest. The day only got more complicated for Candace as she learned she was bumped from her flight. Hanna returned home and confronted her daughter about her wicked deed. Candace planned to run, which only riled up dear ole mom that much more. Hanna was called to the Cryer residence about that break-in, just as Candace say patiently waiting to gain access.

Now things get interesting people, Benny stopped by Veronica’s place to get dirt on Derrick. Benny posed questions about Derrick, which Veronica toyed with the subject matter. She wanted his body, body he was doing all in his power to resist her temptations. They started kissing, but were interrupted by David and Alyssa. So Veronica didn’t send Alyssa, and Veronica unleashed her inner rage, and Alyssa alluded to knowing the Ice Queen, which caused more friction.

So now things come full circle as Alyssa noted she knew Candace and she was one of her girls and she knew how to help Benny find Derrick. It’s amazing how quick she turned from being a whore to a street cred woman full of Intel. Jim discovered it was Wyatt who broke into the family home, but it was apparent the authorities are a bunch of idiots. Jim asked David to check on the house to see what Wyatt stole from the home in terms of jewelry and possible medications.

Alyssa and Benny came face-to-face with Raj who was able to provide information on Derrick David. Mitch baited Benny, just as Alyssa continued to thirst more than ever. The episode concluded with Hanna arriving at the Cryer mansion and the authorities noting they had a suspect in custody who turned out to be Derrick. Wow, this is an interesting development.

Next week, the war between Mama Rose and Katheryn intensifies, Wyatt shows up at the last place he should be and Veronica and David sleep together. Oh, I cannot wait till next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!