HOLLYWOOD─Jim Cryer, even after a near death experience you are still scheming behind the scenes. This week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” saw Jim continue to add enemies to his list, pretty similar to Veronica Harrington people. ‘Mister Jim’ saw Candace inching closer and closer to her dark side again as Jim threatened to kill Benny if his money was not returned to his bank account. Candace refused to cower to Jim’s demands, just as she learned from Mitch exactly where Benny is being held captive.

Jim was eating up the fact that Hanna was being forced to do what he does best, be a jack***. Jim Cryer is literally boiling my blood right now. Hanna was on the verge of snapping, but kept it together. Wyatt continued to do his best to press his mother’s buttons, but Katheryn did not allow her son to get the best of her. Katheryn got good news with the arrival of Marty.

Jeffery and Madison arrived to David’s place, where workers were busy making repairs on the house. Madison was stunned to see the aftermath of the shootout. Madison and Jeffery shared tales about their upbringing, just as it became clear that the spark between Jeffery and Madison is building. Madison tempted Jeffery by sleeping in the buff, but Jeffery resisted temptation. Ok, this is a very interesting development; Katheryn could lose everything because of that decision to shoot Jennifer Sallison, which led to Marty alerting his client she needs to move her assets to a trust to prevent losing it all. Could this be the angle that finally turns the ‘have nots’ into the ‘haves?’ It certainly feels that way America and that would be the ultimate endgame wouldn’t it?

Hanna heard from Benny, who questioned rather he would be released after Jim received his funds. I think this is going to end badly, and not for Benny, but for Jim and his cronies. Broderick attempted to get a visit with Katheryn, but was denied that request, until Marty came face-to-face with him. Candace was ready to hand over the money to Jim, but Mitch warned her not to cave in, otherwise she might regret it. Candace and Mitch discovered an article written about her courtesy of Charles and the press, however, I feel Charles is the last thing on Candace Young’s mind.

Wyatt was rattled to learn from George that he would not be getting released from prison. Looks like the last laugh is on your Wyatt. Well, well, David returned home, and received a check-in from Kyle about his arrangement with Jim Cryer, too bad that Landon has leverage over Kyle’s puppet. David’s day went to hell when Veronica showed up on the premises. David was in no mood to play house, as Veronica gloated and threats were made people.

She pulled out a bullhorn to ensure that everyone heard her message loud and clear. Jeffery’s face was full of rage as he stared his mother down. The Ice Queen spotted a naked Madison in the window and taunted him as well. David decided to utilize some simmering leverage against Veronica by retrieving a file from a safe. Hmm, this is an interesting development. What does David have in that file that could neutralize the Ice Queen once and for all!

Veronica placed that bullhorn down real fast people, as David demanded his former flame to remove her car, she refused and he decided it was time to make a call to George and then a call to Marty to assist Katheryn. Hmm, it looks like David got the last laugh and the Ice Queen is acting out because of fear. Hanna was on edge waiting on confirmation that Candace returned those funds. Jim got confirmation from Lloyd the funds were not returned, just as Hanna returned to Jim’s room to learn if the money was returned. Jim decided to send a clear message, as he asked his captors to fire shots.

Man, next week looks amazing. Hanna attacks Jim, Justin tries to barter a deal with Veronica and David decides to tempt George with information to take down his wife once and for all. Next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ cannot come fast enough “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!