HOLLYWOOD—After nearly a year of fans wondering when the truth about Quincy Maxwell and his demise would be unearthed on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Well, the wait is over! This week’s episode, ‘A Mother’s Wisdom,’ saw Veronica continue to spiral out of control. With gun in hand, Veronica pointed the trigger at David and Katheryn as she made it clear she was out for blood. David tried to reason with his wife, just as Katheryn indulged in pleasure realizing she has her frenemy and husband right where she wants them.

This woman is whacked, she came up with a crazy plan pinning an affair between David and Katheryn to cover the chaos that she has caused. If David gets back with this woman after all the crazy mess she has put him through, it would be a complete travesty. Veronica was rattled when she realized that another woman was calling her husband, hmm, its Erica. Yes indeed, I’ve been waiting for this moment, Veronica and Erica go toe-to-toe, Maggie Day was a novice compared to the street smarts that Erica contains.

Seeing Erica come up with that press tale was epic, but the powers that be were already brewing in the Ice Queen’s mind people. Jim bursts into the home stunned with the scene that he walked into, as more blame was placed on Veronica in the murder of Jennifer Sallison. Too bad Jim was well aware, what his wife was already up to. Jim was wise to the situation, while all the others seem aloof to what was going on. Jim made threats just as Veronica made threats as well. Another cover-up is in the works people, and it’s just a matter of time before the truth comes up.

Hanna packed bags realizing the inevitable would soon happen, even though Benny held onto hope for Candace to bail him out. Jeffrey got a peek at Wyatt’s new place, which heightened Jeffrey’s concern that Wyatt is still spiraling out of control. Jeffrey was ready to walk out the door over Wyatt’s antics, but his pal begged him to stay. When Jeffrey went in for a kiss, Wyatt backed down, allowing his former pal to make a way for the door. Wyatt broke down and confessed his fears, placing Jeffrey in a precarious situation. I mean the issue of Quincy’s body being discovered is still in play. Wow, Jeffrey backing out on Wyatt was a surprise, as it was a moment to teach his pal to fight the urge to be tempted.

Hanna was stopped by Candace’s nosey neighbor, where she discovered her daughter’s home was being searched by the authorities. Hanna had her pulse on the money about what her daughter is up to; guilt is indeed eating her away, as mother delivered a piece of honesty to her daughter to inform Benny of her intentions.

Veronica arrived at her home, just as Melissa strolled down the stairs still delusional as ever. Jeffrey received a call from his mother wondering about his whereabouts, and he unleashed a bit of hell to his mother about unleashing the cops on Candace’s property. Wow, the Ice Queen realized she has to help Candace and Jeffrey to ensure her plan works accordingly, whatever that may be.

Candace got a call from Jeffrey alerting her that Veronica has a plan to help us. When Jeffrey learned about shovels, he panicked just as a much as she did. Just when it looks like the Ice Queen is caught, she finds a way to get out of a tangled web. Things are getting interesting people. Warlock was not pleased to see that Mitch was his new cellmate. Mitch alluded to War that he was well aware that he was locked up on drug charges. War acknowledged that he was aware that Mitch and Candace set him up, just as the Malone made threats.

Yes! Mitch admitted that he set-up Warlock, not Candace, but War made threats to take out Candace anyway. Mitch was stunned to learn that War got out of prison sooner than expected. He better make that phone call to his grandmother soon, or Candace is a dead girl walking. Hanna came back to Benny’s place begging her son to trust her. She shared a bit of her past with her son that she kept hidden. Man, this was a heartbreaking moment (because it felt so real). For a moment, I thought I was watching all the struggles that I witnessed in my life play out on the small screen.

Just as Benny and Hanna were having their conversation, the authorities arrived making it clear that Benny had to vacate the property. He was desperate to wait for Candace, but Hanna begged her son to cooperate with authorities. Benny lost composure and attacked the authorities which resulted in him being placed in the back of a police car as Hanna watched in horror, as well as Quincy Jr.

Well, at long last, the authorities began digging the background and discovered Quincy’s body. I can’t wait till next week, as Wyatt looks to be in trouble yet again, just as Jeffrey and Candace met with the Ice Queen to discuss all the dirty details of Quincy’s murder. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!