HOLLYWOOD—We are edging closer to the mid-season finale of season 5 of Tyler Perry’s “The Have and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘We All Need Forgiveness’ saw Hanna contemplate on rather to turn in her children to the authorities. Picking up precisely where last week left off, Jeffrey had that gun pointed at Officer Justin, just as his partner arrived to provide backup.

His partner fired a shot at Jeffrey, which led to Justin snapping and punching his partner before coming to his secret lover’s aid. Hmm, I wonder if Wyatt is smart enough to put the pieces of the puzzle together, not quite. Wyatt was still craving drugs, as Jeffrey left the premises. Candace saw her opportunity to escape the motel room via a window, as Benny slept in a chair guarding the door. She found herself back at the Artesian Hotel, where Oscar was determined to implement his former foe in his latest scheme.

Things are indeed heating up between David and Erica as passionate kisses led to some steamy business to say the least. Luckily Candace interrupted things before they got even crazier. I can only imagine how Veronica will react when she learns what her husband has been up to. Jim interrupted David as things were about to get steamy yet again. Katheryn continued taking jabs at her husband who seemed annoyed about her latest comments, as her masseuse alleviated some pain. This is hilarious to say the least, and to see Jim so jealous was epic.

Jim had a conversation with Oscar about locating Wyatt and retrieving those funds from his trust, but Oscar ensured he bargained to get appropriate funds for his services. Just as Candace used her skill set to mark Charles, the guy who could become the next President of the United States. Charles was quite inquisitive when it came to Candace, and these two flirted up a storm, before Charles pegged Candace for a hooker. Yeah, she was slightly offended by his claim, which led to Oscar and Candace causing a scene at the bar to bait Charles. Looks like things worked, cause Charles came running.

What a coincidence, Charles and Candace have rooms on the same floor right next to each other. Hmm, Candace seems a bit paranoid as she checked the hotel room for possible bugs or cameras. Yup, she’s pretty smart; she knows Oscar’s game. Charles is begging like a little puppy dog and Candace is devious as hell people.

Justin dropped Jeffrey off at Veronica’s abode, where the lovers had a tense conversation, where Justin’s feelings started to come to the surface, as Jeffrey continued to be quite stubborn. Veronica spotted the conversation from her window and decided to interrupt the situation, where the Ice Queen realized more was transpiring. Justin and Veronica had a conversation where the wicked one made it clear her son is off limits. Justin, Justin, you fell right into Veronica’s trap; she knows that you are secretly hooking up with her son. Could Veronica be up against a foe that is ready to teach her a lesson that she has yet to learn?

Jeffrey was worried when it became clear that his mother knows she has been hooking up with Officer Justin. This woman is wicked; she railed into her son once again about his sexuality. Wyatt still struggling to stay sober called Jeffrey, but got no answer, which led to Wyatt finally making the call to change his life. Katheryn and Hanna had a conversation, where Hanna learned how Candace got those funds from Jim Cryer. Hanna was about to make a game-changing decision as she entered the police station to alert the authorities on the whereabouts of Candace Young.

Wow, wow, Hanna turned in her daughter! Next week is quite interesting, as David and Erica take things to the next level and Jeffrey and Melissa come to an agreement about Veronica’s wicked tactics. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,” “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!