HOLLYWOOD—Last week lives were forever changed on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” this week the drama involving the Cryer, Harrington and Young families continue to escalate. The latest episode “Paid in Full” saw Candace and Jeffrey having to cover their tracks in the midst of authorities being summoned to Candy’s home.

Candace came to the door undressed which threw the officer off guard, as he asked for her ‘friend’ to move his vehicle to prevent a nosy neighbor from nagging the police. The two realized they had to find the keys to Quincy’s car to move it, buy Jeffrey’s psyche was on the verge of breaking. Would Jeffrey snap, I certainly thought so, but why in the hell didn’t Candace and Jeffrey ensure they cleaned their hands of the blood?

It became apparent that Candace’s nosy neighbor has a son who works for the police and she kind of put her foot in her mouth on more than one occasion. Her flirting didn’t work at first, but it became apparent that he was getting turned on by her moves. Looks like Quincy’s people are connected to the Jim Cryer bloodbath that he ordered on Veronica.

Hanna was none too pleased to receive a knock on her hotel room by Benny who discovered his mother’s location. He delivered a heartfelt apology to his mother and called her out on her lie about his father. His mother lit up each time her daughter’s name was mentioned. He dropped a bomb on his mother that his house was paid for in full. Benny was determined to get the truth out of Candace to ensure that his mother leaves the motel room she is staying in. Damn this woman can be just as cold as Veronica Harrington at times.

Back in the prison cell, Katheryn confessed to Veronica that she has seen a drastic change in Wyatt after his stint in prison. The matriarch of the Cryer clan discovered a harsh truth that her son Wyatt was raped, but she realized that her son had once again been violated. She made a bold threat; noting that if she learns anything happened to her son that she would seek vengeance. Hmm, it looks like Veronica is finally shaking in her boots once and for all. Go Katheryn, friends become enemies.

Back at the Cryer mansion Wyatt was having one hell of a party; playing loud music, drinking and dancing in his boxers. He received a call from Jeffrey where the two chatted about the hit-and-run deal they nailed out. Jeffrey informed his pal that he was planning to stop by. Jim called out District Attorney Salis on her tactics, and her planned was to use David against Jim.

Jennifer and David seem to have a past; she offered immunity to David for testifying against Jim. When David made deals for him and his wife, Jennifer was willing to accept, but like the audience, she called him out on his loyalty, which will be his downfall. Wow, this is a DA who has the hots for David and was ready to get steamy right in the interrogation room. Jim got an update from David on the plea bargain that Jennifer offered to him. Jim and David bickered about the state of their friendship, but Jim admitted his faults and refused to tell the truth about his plan to take out Veronica. He asked David to punish Veronica for her actions, and if his pal refused it would be all out war. Candace’s cop pal spotted Jeffrey driving and decided to pull him over, and it looks like Jeffrey is about to be arrested for a driving under the influence and blood was spotted on his shirt. Damn Jeffrey, why the hell couldn’t you just stay at Candace’s place?

Candace continued to clean-up the mess Quincy created, just as it became apparent that Quincy isn’t as dead as we think. Next week the stage is set for the truth about Veronica’s affair and Candace’s duplicity coming to light. Can’t wait to see what other chaos emerges next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ on “The Haves and The Have Nots!”